🌱Plant Token🌱 Crypto Job Marketplace🏪 Integrated Chainlink VRF Lottery🎲 Doxxed dev✅ Charity focused use case token☀️

2021.09.21 13:20 CryptoVines 🌱Plant Token🌱 Crypto Job Marketplace🏪 Integrated Chainlink VRF Lottery🎲 Doxxed dev✅ Charity focused use case token☀️

🌱Plant Token🌱

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At Plant Token we have aimed to make a defi charity token with automated rewards and a use case for longterm holders. We want to help restore the environment and the confidence in the crypto space. We will start by building a strong community and prove that we are here to stay.
We are a charity based token but that doesn't stop us from having a real use case in the future. We are currently building a freelance marketplace platform for the crypto community. Creating a space where both buyers and sellers can come to an agreement for their goods, service, NFT, or anything else.
We are currently pushing ahead with our marketing, and have influencers posting about us frequently. Our roadmap on our website shows you our progress in development. We are also currently writing our whitepaper, and soon will have a more updated website design.
Our community is built upon the basis of the token being completely transparent allowing investors to not worry. We have doxxed devs who are active on the telegram to help with any issues or questions you have. The Plant Token army continues to grow and getting stronger. The telegram is growing and active 24/7. The project is still very new and we currently have a low number of holders! Within a month we hope to have many more! We are growing fast and healthy, and hope to continue this into the future.

📝Token Information:
☀️Name : Plant Token
☀️Symbol : PLANT
☀️Blockchain : BSC
☀️Total Supply : 161,211,420 $PLANT

✅Contract Address : 0xdC243F2cF20106B53C7b5A6fd4756C1a920a59DC

🚨TOKENOMICS : 10% Tax On Transactions
🌱3% Donated To Charity
💪🏼2% Distributed To All Holders
🔒2% Liquidity Locked
🔥2% Burnt
☀️1% Surprise Sprouts Lottery

Lottery drawings every week! Last weeks totaled $120 USD🚀
Total BTC donated to charity $200 USD💚

📣Telegram: https://t.me/planttoken
🌏WebSite: https://www.PlantToken.Co
🐥Twitter: https://Twitter.com/PlantToken
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2021.09.21 13:20 WasteCap8626 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (Unlocked) [A2342] - Pacific Blue, 256 GB For Sale - $904 on Swappa (LVKA95874)

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2021.09.21 13:20 bitsaversru tracked music mix - funk/fusion

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2021.09.21 13:20 the_true_impasta 55 Spins and I got her, Woohoo!

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2021.09.21 13:20 Acceptable_Notice533 💊 ADArall | 7% ADA Reflections Paid Hourly | Stealth Launched | Dev in Voice | Huge Marketing Wallet | Big Plans for Long Term Growth | Don’t Miss This Chance! 💊

Feeling like the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is full of rugs and honeypots? Finding it hard to focus on the best kind of cheese? No, not cheese. Focus, concentrate, ADArall!
The newest stealth launched project you won’t want to miss out on. A revival like no other, a token you will not want to take your eyes off of as the chart skyrockets! ADARall rewards all its users in Cardano (ADA) reflections, paid out every hour.
ADArall has a unique set of taxes, which will help us pay for a lot of early marketing, fund liquidity, but also, to help reflect a lot of Cardano to our holders. This dev is very trusted and has been helping people earn Cardano for the past month. Some people have even earned over 100 ADA each!
The project is 100% safe, and the dev will not honeypot or rug you. We pride ourselves on our community engagement and our communities wants and needs. All marketing decisions are based on what the community wants. Pinned in a telegram? Twitter influencer? Coin Sniper? We are happy to hear your thoughts!
People lack patience and want a pump and dump. Very few people are interested in investing in a project long-term. We want the community to feel safe and comfortable sleeping on their $ADDERALL bags and want them to not be worried that they will wake up to a dead chart. We plan on running We are creating a community and a project, teaching the importance of patience in cryptocurrency. People need to stay focused and don’t make bad decisions guided by their emotions. This is a project, where you HOLD the ADArall and you will get rewarded in Cardano ($ADA). DEV IS FOCUSED ON HELPING COMMUNITY IN VC!
ADArall - Tokenomics ⚙️
🚚 Supply: 1,000,000,000
🧮 Decimals: 9
💰 Max Wallet: 30,000,000
ADArall Taxes (10%):
🅰️ 6% ADA reflection fee
💦 2% Liquidity fee
📈 2% marketing fee
Useful ADArall Links:
🚀Contract: 0xa4e471a1753a6fd4844d8d45580015ab9d96d1ee
💰 Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa4e471a1753a6fd4844d8d45580015ab9d96d1ee
🔓 LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x29809fe07323a1559ce369da1d180b57285087ff
✅ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa4e471a1753a6fd4844d8d45580015ab9d96d1ee#readContract
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2021.09.21 13:20 2112trader Investing News Morning Roundup – September 21, 2021

Investing News Morning Roundup – September 21, 2021
They say history does not repeat itself, though the market feels like it does. Fear ruled the open in the U.S. yesterday as concerns of a meltdown in China brought sellers to the market. With stocks trading close to all-time highs-despite recent weakness-the market had all the makings of a serious selloff. Today comes the déjà vu-a bit of weakness in stocks brings bidders, not giving the market any chance to take some profits and regroup. Most market participants agree there is a need for some profit-taking from time to time but this market just will not let it happen. At least not yet.
The U.S. announced it will be opening its borders to travelers from 33 countries starting in November. This announcement is excellent for market sentiment, contributing to the “back to normal” feeling. This type of change does not have a specific economic effect (shareholders of airlines may disagree) but helps underpin an overall improved feeling of confidence for investors. This could also be a significant counterweight to the negative sentiment being generated out of China. That fountain of negative news is likely to generate plenty more before subsiding.
Today the Federal Reserve starts its two-day policy meeting and investors want an update on its timing for tapering. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is not expected to give full details of the timing of tapering, but he is expected to shed more light on its plans. Investors are expecting the tapering to start before the end of the year, but the recent weakness in stocks may give the Fed reason for pause.
Investors will get a new set of economic forecasts, the so-called dot plot. That will be presented after the 2-day meeting when Chairman Powell answers questions from the market. It will be then that investors will parse the words of Mr. Powell. Tapering news is what investors will be looking for more than anything.
The bad news out of China continues, with no happy ending in sight for China Evergrande, the embattled property developer at the center of the default storm. The spillover from that situation is more about sentiment than about any serious financial contagion. This is NOT Lehman Brothers all over again.
GM Replacing Batteries in Every Chevy Bolt EV It Ever Made
General Motors (GM) is getting ready to start swapping out the battery cells of every Bolt EV its Chevrolet division has produced. The cars have been the subject of 13 fires and the batteries’ manufacturer LG Chem identified a manufacturing defect that has since been rectified. The recall was previously announced and expanded in August to include every car, a total of 142,000 cars. GM announced it expects to start shipping batteries to dealerships within a month with swaps starting shortly thereafter. “We understand there are owners who are frustrated and angry at us, and we’re doing everything we can to do what’s right for the customer,” a GM spokesman said. “Today’s announcement shows we’ve turned a corner and we’re moving as quickly as we can to begin repairs. That said, we know we have a long way to go.”
ConocoPhillips Acquiring $9.5 Billion of Permian Assets from Shell
Royal Dutch Shell (RDS A) has been looking to shed its Permian Basin assets and ConocoPhillips (COP) is a willing buyer. ConocoPhillips is paying $9.5 billion for all of Shell’s Permian assets which are all in Texas and include about 600 miles of oil, natural-gas and water pipelines and other energy infrastructure. Shell has been looking to lessen its carbon footprint and invest more in renewable energy. Shell did not want to invest further in the Permian Basin and decided a sale was a better option for shareholders. It will return $7 billion of the sale proceeds to shareholders and use the remainder for additional investments. “We found the cost of acquisitions in the last few years was above what we felt was going to be value-accretive for our shareholders,” said Wael Sawan, Shell’s upstream director.
Apple Working on New Features to Detect Depression, Cognitive Decline
Apple (AAPL) is working on new features that could help its products detect depression and cognitive decline using a wide array of sensors. Apple is looking to expand its health portfolio and is working on algorithms that could detect these conditions. Apple is working with the University of California, Los Angeles, and Biogen (BIIB) studying anxiety, depression, stress and cognitive impairment. Apple is working with UCLA in a project code named “Seabreeze” and with UCLA under the code name “Pi, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apple is reported to be excited about the possibilities of this project and the potential for some of this new tech making its way to its flagship product, the iPhone.
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2021.09.21 13:20 Legitimate-Tower9162 Maeve

It'd be really nice to see her actually living out a dream for herself. What does that do to a person, and how does that change you? What kind of happiness does that give you? And all the anxieties that come with being away from home. If we get to it, it will be a lovely thing to witness.
This is wat emma mackey said about possible season 4 She not going anywhere guys
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2021.09.21 13:20 Fair-Communication89 This is a picture of the sky.

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2021.09.21 13:20 Floor-Proof Ita avvia assunzioni ad personam. Rottura con sindacati, in "mobilitazione permanente"

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2021.09.21 13:20 MATTEEN_Polska Dear diary: today I died of laughter while getting back from school. I saw a truck with SUUS written on it. Shit was so extremly funny i litterally had to hold to a fence because I just could not hold my laughter. It was a cool day.

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2021.09.21 13:20 DarthVarn Do you think they'll switch off the turbines before letting us go up in the Sky Lift? 😉😉😉

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2021.09.21 13:20 MouthForWar1 Chain prototype I created (my first time messing with blender)

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2021.09.21 13:20 Ye_olde_1990 Request: Sophie Marceau

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2021.09.21 13:20 LilWheezyy Is having another credentials like ACCS or NPS gives you a better chance of getting hired?

Hi. Just out of curiosity for SoCal therapist out there if having another credentials helped you guys getting hired at a bigger hospital? I know SoCal is over saturated but just curious if any of you guys got hired w/out anyone’s help but mainly based on your experience and credentials.
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2021.09.21 13:20 General_Austino [Survey Results] West Ham United 1 - 2 Manchester United

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2021.09.21 13:20 Subpar_Username47 I watched a hilarious YouTube video in my dream last night.

Started with Twilight betraying everyone for a snack. Reasonable enough. Then that caused a huge revolution (led by a small child, of course), because… I dunno. I think she might’ve been supposed to do something else? Also, Twilight was no longer Twilight, because consistency is hard. (If anyone ever makes this into a video, ignore that bit. Not having a character change in the two seconds they’re off screen would probably be better.) Okay, so then, small child shouted about stuff, and demanded an audience. Royalty that used to be Twilight but wasn’t anymore said ok. Small child kept shouting and demanding an audience. So then, some royal advisor guy said “You must stop! Or else you’ll have to go to war with the British!” Then everyone cheered. I think they all wanted to go to war with Britain.
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2021.09.21 13:20 gamethread-scraper Non-PL Daily Discussion Thread (x-post /r/soccer)

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2021.09.21 13:20 KayH522 Is rain random?

I know this is a dumb question but I’m new to the game and I want to trigger Seb’s and Shane’s heart events. I am on 14 Spring year 2 and haven’t gotten any rain this season yet. Is it just random?
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2021.09.21 13:20 Open_Adhesiveness_49 (20M) Height. 6’2 honest Opinions ?

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2021.09.21 13:20 clumsyumbrella If Cujo really destroyed the red kong bed, why does it look like it's intact and sitting on top of the crate in the last photo..?

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2021.09.21 13:20 environmentallum [Comic Excerpt] Society’s Game is Cruel (Batman Secret Files: Miracle Molly #1)

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2021.09.21 13:20 Wolverine2k1 GTA 5 THE STORY || 4K UHD Video || PART 1

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2021.09.21 13:20 Lost_Zoro_ Raiden Shogun Re-run when XD

I did everything I could do to get her as F2P. On first day I lost 50/50 to Mona, still I used every primogem I got after that for wishing on her banner.. but couldn't hit pity again and no luck either, so only thing I can do now is make sure to get her on re-run with guarantee banner pity.
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2021.09.21 13:20 stock_market_lover BABA is being very oversold. Time to load up and hope for best

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2021.09.21 13:20 PatientModBot A Tunguska size burst destroyed Tall el-Hammam, Bronze Age city in Jordan Valley

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