cmv: Cancel Culture does exist. We're just using it wrong.

2021.09.21 12:20 KaidenAlenko1992 cmv: Cancel Culture does exist. We're just using it wrong.

If you refer to every situation where a prominent figure does something wrong and has to face the consequences as cancel culture, of course the term becomes meaningless.
But I put it to you that a lot of people do get "cancelled" unfairly and that's what the term is actually referring to.
Let's look at what Cancel Culture is: it's a form of social ostracism where a person is thrust out of social and/or professional circles because of their reported actions either online or in person.
These actions can be of recent memory: see Roseanne Barr Or they can be from years prior and are dug up: see James Gunn
Both of these scenarios are in essence the same thing: an individual tweeted material deemed offensive by today's standards so as a result faced consequences. In both cases, being fired from their projects.
Are these cancel culture? Roseanne was fired and her show has been cancelled and things have been relatively quiet from her since. James Gunn was rehired and has moved on in his career. Were these victories? Was any progress made? Is that what cancel culture is?
My example of TRUE cancel culture is the musician Winston Marshall from Mumford and Sons.
The guy tweeted about his enjoyment of a book by Andy Ngo and as a result was intensely harrassed online by left wing critics, but not just him, but his bandmates and their families.
Marshall committed no crime, made no -ist or -ic jokes, but tweeted that he liked a book. The result being him leaving social media and Mumford and Sons altogether.
THAT is where the problem with Cancel Culture lies. People strung up for simply saying/doing things that people don't like.
Chris Pratt gets divorced, goes to a specific church and isn't overtly political, so that warrants a crusade on his career? That is what Cancel Culture is.
People need to stop conflating someone being overtly racist to politicians with people having an opinion or just living their lives and not bothering anyone.
The argument against cancel culture's existence would have a lot more weight if they did.
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2021.09.21 12:20 mustalainen Hearth Nebula

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2021.09.21 12:20 SiliconeraOfficial Cygames Reveals New Uma Musume Figures Currently In Development

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2021.09.21 12:20 Raja-khawar Realme C25s price in Pakistan

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2021.09.21 12:20 Tessia0710 Where to read Warlock Apprentice - Chapter 432 - Unexpected Escape Plan online for free!!

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2021.09.21 12:20 kujata27 New World - Amazon MMO

New World is coming out next week. I have a problem in that I have to try out every MMO that comes out.
It seems that they did not release any servers in Korea. I was wondering if anyone else plans on playing this. It would be nice to play with others in the same time zone.
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2021.09.21 12:20 Hugohase Energiegemeinschaften erhalten bis zu 25.000 Euro Förderung

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2021.09.21 12:20 svanapps r/BitcoinBeginners - What's to stop the top 3 Bitcoin mining pools from coming together and doing a 51% attack?

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2021.09.21 12:20 QuietNm Should I upgrade my gaming PC or buy a new one?

I have a 2014 gaming pc lastest pc graphics that year the pc was running super good and very nice fps but lately i think my pc starts to get slow and im wondering either i upgrade it or buy a new one
My PC Specs :
Graphics Card :Geforce Gtx 970
Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.01
RAM: 16 GB
Motherboard: MSI Z170 GAMING M3 (MS-7978)
my budgest is US $ 2000 Im a gamer guy but not really familiar with pc specs and what should be upgraded what not and fps and performance really matter to me since im Mmorpg/FPS gamer
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2021.09.21 12:20 RedHandComanche Brexit falls flat: Britain’s soft drink makers have just days of carbon dioxide left

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2021.09.21 12:20 SodaBubblesPopped Mehmet Özyürek from Turkey has the worlds longest nose, so he is 'Being led by the nose' every single second.

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2021.09.21 12:20 Tessia0710 Where to read Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman - Chapter 157 - Where did you Get This Counterfeit, Brother Jiang? online for free!!

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2021.09.21 12:20 lunaknight26 My rabbit, Thumper, approx 5years old is losing a serious amount of fur. It’s falling off in clumps. Is this normal shedding or something else?

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2021.09.21 12:20 palemoonlight333 Just need to vent

If other moms are out there… I need your help and advice. I recently noticed I was late so I took and test and I’m still not sure if I’m actually pregnant but I have the signs. I crave so much food all the time now, I can’t button my pants. All that fits me right now are stretchy dresses lol. I’m getting huge in my thighs, boobs, butt, and hips. I eat all the time now too… my appetite is pretty big now. Ugh idk I feel so hormonal, hungry, and fat. Mmm… cheese fries. I’ve gained like 5lbs in a month! I’m worried. Anyways should I go through with this pregnancy??
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2021.09.21 12:20 Hopeful_Drummer965 Not to sound cold hearted or anything but, who is someone who died and had it coming to them?

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2021.09.21 12:20 abbayoo Ejaculated just from watching porn

Hey, I need help pls. I have been on no fap journey for a while but I keep relapsing. I noticed that of recent, whenever I watch porn and get so aroused , I ejaculate automatically without touching myself. Pls what is wrong with me? Solutions pls
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2021.09.21 12:20 Fakeaccount9283 BPD advice

Hi, I don't personally suffer from BPD, at least not that I was diagnosed with it but my partner has been and they have been seeking therapy for it for a long time. I need to vent or need advice on how to move forward.
I love them and will do anything for them. And when they first started getting therapy, and all the resources that I managed to get gave me the advice to not take things they say personally. But I have my own limits to how much I can handle being attacked all the time. When I talk about how I feel and ask them to do something, my tone is off and they have a meltdown. When I don't talk about how I feel cause I'm scared to hell they will melt down, they have another meltdown.
Everything I do is always somehow wrong and they are right. The amount of discomfort I put myself through and boundaries I don't enforce cause they burst out is never acknowledged.
When I do, it's manipulation.
I need some alone time and ask for it, I'm abandoning them.
I want to use my own coping mechanisms to deal with stress so it doesn't bleed into our relationship, I get accused of never saying what I want in the relationship.
I don't do something they want me to do that I feel uncomfortable doing, I'm a monster who will abandon them and hurt them.
I show slight signs of pain or depression, I'm ungrateful to all that they are sacrificing for me.
I've barely ever had a bit of time for myself since we met cause they need me to talk to them every night or they get upset and have another meltdown.
I'm burnt out. I don't feel like I'm me. I hate myself. I hate them for turning me into this. I sacrifice so much but all I ever get is a random burst of anger for not doing as they wanted me to do.
I'm scared that if I break up with them, they will do something to me or my family or to themselves and get me in trouble with the law. I'm taking my way out. I'm done
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2021.09.21 12:20 nudgetravel Seeking Recommendations for Visiting Abkhazia 🇬🇪

How many days would you recommend to visit Abkhazia? (Sukhumi, Tvarcheli, New Afon, perhaps others?)
Are they mostly fine to explore alone, or do you recommend an english-speaking tour guide for some abandoned places? (for knowledge/context and/or safety)
Are ATMs available, or do you have to exchange GEL beforehand in Zugdidi?
How long does it take to get a response for a letter of invitation?
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2021.09.21 12:20 TheMightyCake Mk 4 Blood Angels ready to purge some xenos!

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