NeverFap Deluxe Discord #accountability Tally - 21/09/2021

2021.09.21 14:00 NeverFapDeluxe NeverFap Deluxe Discord #accountability Tally - 21/09/2021

....aaaaaaaaand here's today's Discord #accountability tally!
gsain - Day 12
Lau - Day 113
jerkoalt - Day 390
Jakwagon - Day 55
Mystery_DirectorX - Day 1 - First Day Dynamite! 💥
Ku$h12 - Day 5
Soriinz - Day 65
killermichaelj - Day 345
leslie - Day 58
SecretAd1K - Day 76
el irohnea - Day 40 - 40 Day Domination! 💯
camgut - Day 83
andhedrew - Day 49 - 7 Week Emperor! ⚔️
The Unknown - Day 1 - First Day Dynamite! 💥
Lau - Day 113
Total Participants: 15
If you would to participate in our #accountability program, then please join our discord server!
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2021.09.21 14:00 alexandrosdimo So what you’re telling me is it does…? 🤔

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2021.09.21 14:00 CronoDroid fromis_9 - Talk & Talk (Choreography Video - Hanbok ver.)

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2021.09.21 14:00 kaiser565363 PROMINENCE IS LOOKING FOR SCHOLARS I Have A Scholarship To Give Out

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2021.09.21 14:00 samanthalouise123 [Run BTS!] Ep. 152 - 210921

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2021.09.21 14:00 Piscesismyfavorite Question about increasing performance on Lenovo ideapad 330

Hey everyone - I am pretty computer illiterate but I was given a Lenovo ideapad with windows 10. Its a bit slow and I see that it has 4GB of installed RAM. I’d like to increase that. How much more can I put in to see an increase in speed?
Also if anyone can point me to what I should buy specifically, I would appreciate it!
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2021.09.21 14:00 MetalHoosier Champion of Maiden Songs, Gp 7 Rd 2 Mp 7

The next matchup to find the champion of Iron Maiden songs.
"Judgement of Heaven" (0-1) from "The X Factor", against "New Frontier" (0-1) taken from "Dance of Death", in group 7.
Link to standings megathread here.
View Poll
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2021.09.21 14:00 ErasableFawn0 Is teaming still illegal in ffa if there's only you and 1 other player?

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2021.09.21 14:00 AltoWaltz Linux demo for aRPG I am developing (Terra Ventura) is now available. Looking for feedback.

Hello all,
I am a developer behind isometric action RPG with real time combat - Terra Ventura. Game will be released into Early Access later this year, and linux demo is now available. You can check the demo game-play trailer here:
Demo Gameplay Trailer
Game is being developed pretty much 100% with open source tools (Ubuntu 20.04, Godot Engine, GIMP, Visual Studio Code), so naturally I want to get the Linux release right and would appreciate any feedback. For more information and demo download see the link below.
Features include character customization, skill tree paths, inventory management, random loot, in game collectibles, runes, player stats development. There are numerous weapons, shields and helmets you can use to push your way through the maps with more than 30 different enemy classes.
Steam page
If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them!
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2021.09.21 14:00 Okimbe_Benitez_Xiong Why GA maybe shouldnt be nerfed.

I see a lot of people here asking for GA to be nerfed. Typically pvp players I assume since its not really OP in pvp. My question to you is have you thought about what happens if they actually do nerf the GA?
The GA is not ubiquitous because it has loads of damage or completely broken moveset you can't play around. GA is played for 3 reasons. In fact it gets outtraded in melee by most other weapons or the matchups are at best skill matchups it doesnt really destroy any of the melees.

  1. GAs "ridiculous" lunge is the only attack that can hit a player running away from you. Every other attack you will stop moving and miss half the time and god forbid they roll it because now you need to catch up again. If youre not using GA you can get max 1 hit on a fleeing enemy. Which brings us to 2
    1. The GA has bloodlust to catch up to fleeing enemies. This means you can attack somebody and then you have the ability to catch up again to attack them without having to wait on a 15-20cd movement ability. Being able to hit a fleeing enemy more than once every 15 seconds is pretty good.
    2. The GA has one of the only "real" CC in the game. Grav well prevents rolling. This means you can get multiple hits off on a target before they escape the CC. All the other CC in the game save Ice Shower are pretty much sleeps, you get one hit then they keep running.
These 3 things make the GA the only melee weapon that can deal with players that are running. The only melee weapon that can deal with kill somebody trying to kite you. Mages right now will straight up thrash any of the other melee due to the fact that they can only get a max of 1 or 2 hits before the mage gets back at a range and starts raining hell on them again. In fact good mages can even kite GA.
So what happens if we nerf GA? Nobody will play melee. Everyone will play mage because if you dont youll just get kited around for hours. GA is making melee viable not because its OP but because all the other melee weapons are completely garbage against range.
The other weapons need buffs. Idk wether thats giving everymelee the dumb lunge which would be kinda lame or if its makes stuns into REAL stuns so you can beat on somebody a bit before they run again. But the other melee weapons need some way to deal with range users. If they had this people would use them and GA would be less "OP" because the weapons that outtrade it would actually be out there in the world and theyd have the tools to chase down the GA player if they ran. Currently if youre losing the GA can chase you but if youre winning you cant chase the GA unless you have one yourself so it feels like they always kill and never die. This would be resolved with having ways to hit fleeing players.
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2021.09.21 14:00 fluffykintail Energy crisis, labour crisis, Brexit crisis, driver crisis, food crisis, drink crisis, Universal Credit cut, National Insurance rise, pandemic crisis, climate crisis, Furlough ending. The UK is a risk to Scotland.

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2021.09.21 14:00 Hardingkalynn1986 How do you socialize at an event where you know no one? Any thoughts?

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2021.09.21 14:00 msydropshot23 Does a thing

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2021.09.21 14:00 BARON_VON_WENIS Giant necron man I'm currently working on, just need a couple parts and I'll be done.

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2021.09.21 14:00 thekwguy [For Hire] Custom, Indexed, Location-Based Google (GMB), Facebook, Trip Advisor Real Reviews

I'm offering real business reviews on Google, Facebook, Trip advisor, Home advisor, Glassdoor, Google Play Store, using my access to a large network of accounts. Each review account is created using local IP address (to each location) to make it trustworthy and ensure a quicker indexation.
Price: Starting from $25/review (including review content writing)
Discounts: Starting from $20/review for orders larger than 10 reviews
Contact me for new orders, thx.
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2021.09.21 14:00 AutoModerator Tokyo reports 3 new deaths and 253 new COVID-19 cases for September 21st

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2021.09.21 14:00 shakabuee23 🥰🥰

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2021.09.21 14:00 blocksportnft What is the total supply for the private sale?

What is the total supply for the private sale?

Tell us in the comments!
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2021.09.21 14:00 Bcadren Daily Challenges (Day 5: Sept. 21)

Today's theme is SLOWNESS! These challenges start today and any game attempting them must be started before Friday the 24th.

Nemelex Choice: Ghoul Naga [GhNa]
Words of Mennas: Champion Cheibriados as any Naga background character [--Na].
Ramblings of Yiuf: Use any weapon of speed 1.6 or slower as primary weapon for a run without training the associated skill (so it stays at max delay). You may use it in combination with magic or train fighting to deal more damage, but you must significantly use (based on counted action count of hitting things with it) the weapon to qualify.

Players can attempt any challenge for personal points if the challenge matches your alignment; it's worth double points and a bonus to your faction. YASD and YAVP of the challenges are encouraged.
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2021.09.21 14:00 msmoley Neurologist Suzanne O'Sullivan: "We're pushed strongly in the direction of over-diagnosing"

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2021.09.21 14:00 Kastanie- Apple: Kopfhöreranschlüsse nun nur noch an Billig-iPad
Apples Feldzug gegen die Klinkenbuchse geht weiter: Mit dem neuen iPad mini 6 entfällt sie auch dort. Nur Macs bleiben verschont.
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2021.09.21 14:00 orangevg [TR] What country has the highest average life expectancy?

What country has the highest average life expectancy?
Results Available:

Open ended
#0327 - 2021-09-21
Please use the spoiler tag for your answer! To do that you can type > ! answer ! < without the spaces on old reddit or click the designated button on new reddit. There is no need to use the !answer format. Answers that do not use the spoiler tag will be removed and won't be rewarded.
Check your score here!
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2021.09.21 14:00 CheLeung Patriots in, democrats out as Hong Kong enters new political era - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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2021.09.21 14:00 AutoModerator [59 Teams in 59 Days] Brown University Bears

Nickname: Bears (“Bruno,” the name of Brown’s mascot, is also used interchangeably with “Brown” for athletics purposes)
Conference: ECAC (Ice Hockey only - since 1961-62 season); Ivy League
Year Founded: 1764
Location: Providence, RI
Current Enrollment: 10,257 (7,043 undergrad)
Hockey Attendance: lol, please don’t ask
Mascot: Bruno the bear and Cubby
Band: The Brown Band is an eclectic bunch that tends to show up for a handful of games each season and yell indiscriminately at refs and opponents alike, prompting those who sit in their typically-vacant section to flee to the far corners of Meehan Auditorium. They are the (self-proclaimed) world’s only skating band, putting on entertaining shows at the end of home games. They travel to away games sporadically, most frequently to Princeton, with whose band they have a longstanding friendly rivalry. The band counts down to 69 (nice) seconds remaining in each period, bellowing “69 seconds left, and [opponent] still sucks.” When the announcer indicates there is one minute left to play in the period, the band responds “and Harvard sucks, too!”
Fight Song:Ever True to Brown,” written at some point in the early 20th century, is the primary fight song. It’s been adapted into a drinking song by students (probably somewhere in the ‘60s or ‘70s), which is the version the band sings at games today.

Original Lyrics Drinking Lyrics
We are ever true to Brown, We are ever true to Brown,
For we love our college dear, For we love our college dear,
And wherever we may go, And wherever we may go (where are we going?)
We are ready with a cheer, We are ready with a beer.
And the people always say, And the people always say (what do they say?)
That you can't outshine Brown men, That you can't out drink Brown men (and women!)
With their Rah! Rah! Rah! and their Ki! Yi! Yi! With a scotch and rye and a whiskey dry,
And their B-R-O-W-N. And a B-O-U-R-B-O-N.
Arena: Brown has played at venerable Meehan Auditorium since 1961. The arena has some unique features, like its igloo roof – noticeable in the pictures on this page – and the design of its interior, which features identical, angled grandstands on either side of the ice and concourses with standing room approximately 10 feet above each net. Prior to 1997, the standing areas above the ends of the rink had bleachers with several rows of seating that brought the capacity to 3,100. After removal of the bleachers, there were folding chairs in those spots for about 12 seasons, with the capacity listed at 2,495, before they were removed in a (fruitless) attempt to get more fans to sit in the stands. As was discovered in 2014 when the game against Boston College sold out (Brown’s first sellout in about a decade), the true capacity without those folding chairs and with 100 standing room tickets is 2,265.
Meehan has undergone two rounds of renovations this century: in 2002, Brown redid the lobby, coaches offices, and locker rooms, and as of August 2021 they were wrapping up a new round of locker room renovations that will modernize the player amenities.
Program History: Brown is one of oldest US college hockey teams. In January 1898, Brown travelled to a frozen baseball field in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester to take on those insufferable twats from across the river in Cambridge. Bruno easily dispatched of the hapless Harvard Crimson, 6-0, in the first game of what has since been an utterly lopsided series in Harvard’s favor ever since. This game was the start of college hockey’s longest active rivalry.
Despite not fielding a team for approximately 20 years between 1906 and 1926 and again during World War II, Brown was a mainstay in eastern college hockey during the sport’s nascent period of the early-to-mid 20th century. After a couple decades of middling play, the Bears iced some strong teams with occasional national contenders in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s under legendary coach Jim Fullerton.
In 1951, Brown made the NCAA National Championship game, beating Colorado College 8-4 in the semifinal before falling to Michigan in the final, 7-1. In 1965, the Bears returned to the Frozen Four, which was coincidentally hosted at Meehan Auditorium, falling 4-0 to Michigan Tech in the semifinals. North Dakota beat the Bears, 9-5, in the third-place game. In 1976, Brown again fell to those pesky Houghton Huskies, 7-6, in overtime (man, I guess we have to hate Michigan Tech. Sorry Husky bois). Brown did manage to knock off then-ECAC rivals Boston University in the third place game, 8-7. Goaltending was clearly at a premium in those days.
Sadly, the program has largely been moribund since the heyday of the mid-’70s. Bad coaching hires in the 1980s drove the program off a cliff and helped kill off what was once a famously loyal and raucous home crowd. Student interest has waned, as has that of alumni and local fans. Brown experienced a brief renaissance in the early 1990s, assembling some competitive teams and making the NCAA tournament in 1993 under Dartmouth alum Bob Gaudet’s tutelage. Current Brown coach and East Providence native Brendan Whittet played as a defenseman on the team. This remains the most recent NCAA appearance for the program, a drought that is only matched by a handful of other teams (tip of the hat to Dartmouth, which hasn’t made it since the 1970s).
Coach Gaudet returned to his alma mater in 1997, spending the rest of his career in Hanover before retiring at the end of the 2019-20 season. Brown hired Roger Grillo from then-conference opponent Vermont’s staff to replace Gaudet, and Grillo gave Bruno a brief glimmer of hope during a torrid second half of his maiden season at the helm led by sensational senior Damian Prescott’s 39 points in 30 games. This promising campaign turned out to be a high point, and was followed by several downright awful seasons.
But Grillo’s fortunes on College Hill would improve, as 2004 Hobey Baker finalist Yann Danis, who was not a highly touted recruit, backstopped the Bears to consecutive winning seasons in 2002-03 and 2003-04. Danis set many school goaltending records that still stand today. He broke out with a .938 save percentage in 24 games as a sophomore, had a .929 in 34 games as a junior, and boasted a whopping .942 in 30 games as a senior.
Brown spent much of the 2003-04 season ranked in the USCHO poll (then just a 15-team poll), before a late-season swoon and subsequent quarterfinal implosion against those cretins from Cambridge took them out of NCAA tournament contention. After Danis graduated and signed with the Montreal Canadiens, Grillo was unable to keep the Bears in the top half of the ECAC, returning to basement-dweller status within two or three seasons. He left College Hill to take a job with USA Hockey in 2009, paving the way for Brendan Whittet to depart his assistant position at Dartmouth and return home to Providence.
After some initial successes in making the ECAC semifinals (2010) and championship game (2013), Whittet’s teams have largely been as unsuccessful as his predecessor’s, with a .365 winning percentage in 11 seasons at the helm (compared to Grillo’s .387 over 12 seasons). The 2018-19 team did have a strong second half of the season, rallying from a disappointing 1-6-1 start to finish on a 14-8-4 stretch. The Bears beat Princeton in a thrilling (and immensely stupid) triple-overtime game in the first round of the ECAC playoffs, and then shocked top-ranked Quinnipiac with an ECAC quarterfinal sweep before bowing out to Cornell, 6-0, in the semis.
Still, with just two winning seasons in his 11 seasons at Brown, it’s fair to say the Whittet tenure has been largely disappointing on the ice, despite the excellent job he does representing the university and ensuring his teams churn out top-tier academic performances. The verdict on the Whittet era was pretty much determined when he failed to win more than eight games in any of the four seasons featuring a class that had a trio of NHL draft picks – Sam Lafferty (PIT, 4th round), Tyler Bird (CBJ, 5th round), and Max Willman (BUF, 5th round) – between 2014-15 and 2017-18, including an unfathomable 4-25-1 record in 2016-17.
BONUS ROUND: The Brown women’s hockey team was the first US women’s college team to take the ice in 1964. At the time, Brown was a men’s-only university (as was the case for at least several of the Ivies) that was technically a separate entity from its women’s college, Pembroke, and so the team was known as the Pembroke Pandas until the schools integrated in 1971. They originally used hand-me-down equipment from a local boys’ high school team (this is an unverified anecdote from my mom, who played for the team in the early 1970s, but I have no reason to believe she’s making it up).
The team achieved full varsity status and became a national powerhouse in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, producing Olympians Tara Mounsey, Katie King, Kim Insalaco, Becky Keller, Pam Dreyer, Kathleen Kauth, and Chie Chie Sakuma (who had the honor of representing hosts Japan in the 1998 Nagano Olympics). Bruno won the ECAC championship in 1998, 2000, and 2002, beating New Hampshire in 1998 and Dartmouth in the other two years. They made it to the national championship games in each of those seasons, falling to New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Minnesota-Duluth respectively. The Bears also lost in the national semifinals in 1999 to Harvard, and made a surprise run to the 2006 ECAC championship before bowing out to Harvard again.
Unfortunately, as other major programs began to sponsor varsity women’s hockey, Brown failed to keep up with the new recruiting landscape and eventually became a destitute program. The Bears have only made the ECAC playoffs once in the past 15 years, and have not won a playoff game since 2006.
All Time Record: 858-1158-154
Championships: None
Frozen Four Appearances: 3: 1951 (runners up), 1965 (4th place), 1976 (3rd place)
Tournament Appearances: 4: aforementioned FF appearances, 1993 (first-round loss to Duluth, 7-3)
Conference Titles: Ivy League: 7 (1949-50, 1950-51, 1964-65, 1975-76, 1990-91, 1994-95, 2003-04) ECAC: None (appearances in 1965, 1976, 1993, and 2013)
Greatest Players:
Brown has had numerous players play in the NHL over the years, namely:
Curt Bennett (1970-80; STL, NYR, ATL)
Tim Bothwell (1978-89; NYR, STL, HFD)
Steve King (1992-1996; NYR, ANA)
Todd Simpson (1995-2006; CGY, FLA, PHX, ANA, OTT, CHI, MTL)
Yann Danis (2005, 2008-13; MTL, NYI, NJD, EDM)
Aaron Volpatti (2010-2014; VAN, WSH)
Ryan Garbutt (2011-2017; DAL, CHI, ANA)
Harry Zolnierczyk (2011-17; PHL, PIT, NYI, ANA, NSH)
Bobby Farnham (2012-2017; PIT, NJD, MTL)
Garnet Hathaway (2015-present; CGY, WSH)
Sam Lafferty (2019-present; PIT)
In addition, Brown has seen some very successful players at the collegiate level, including:
Bob Wheeler ‘52: Led Brown to only national championship appearance, named to 1956 US Olympic Hockey Team but was denied a work release by IBM. Bob sadly passed away earlier this year – RIP.
Bob Gaudreau ‘66: First Team All-ECAC 1965 and 1966
Wayne Small ‘68: ECAC Hockey Player of the Year 1968; First Team All-ECAC 1967 and 1968
Mike Laycock (boy, what a name!) ‘79: First Team All-ECAC 1978
Mike Brewer ‘92: First Team All-ECAC 1990 and 1992
Damian Prescott ‘98: First Team All-ECAC 1998, spearheaded a furious second-half rally that propelled Brown from last place to a fourth-place finish
Matt Lorito ‘13: Second Team All-ECAC 2013, bounced around the AHL and played a handful of NHL games
Nick Lappin ‘16: First Team All-ECAC 2016, played in the NHL for part of a season or two with New Jersey
Zach Giuttari ‘20: Local kid from Warwick who is playing for the Hartford Wolf Pack and was a 4-year top-pairing defenseman for Brown
Brown doesn’t really have one true rival, or even any teams that probably consider it to be a rival at all. This is largely due to the program’s dramatic dropoff after the moderate success of the 1970s, and its irrelevance on a national scale for the past 40+ years. Nevertheless, here are the opponents that Brown has the most animosity toward, reciprocated or not:
In the Rearview: 2019-2020 Season (2020-21 season cancelled due to COVID-19)
Record: 8-20-3
Coach: Brendan Whittet
Season Recap: It was a disappointing season for Brown following an exciting run to the ECAC semifinals in 2019. While the effective forechecking system that had carried Bruno to success the previous year remained intact, the losses of top-scoring forward Tommy Marchin and #1 defenseman Max Gottlieb proved to be too much for the predominantly underclassman-led Bears to overcome. Brown did not often get blown out, but their inability to score goals kept them out of most games where the opponent tallied more than twice – the Bears were 7-4-2 in games in which they held the opponent to 2 or fewer goals, and 1-16-1 in all other games. Brown did end on a relative high note, finishing the season on a 4-4-2 stretch and stealing a tie against a ranked Quinnipiac team. The Bears then fell at the hands of Colgate in the opening round of the ECAC playoffs before the remainder of the tournament and the NCAA season was cancelled as the COVID-19 pandemic began to ravage the US (so that Colgate series doesn’t even really count, right?).
2021-2022 SEASON
Key Games: Harvard (duh), Providence (Mayor’s Cup), Boston University (visiting Meehan Auditorium for the first time since 1997), Yale (first game back after cancelled season), Boston College (mostly so that I can endlessly mock TypicalSportsGuy if Brown somehow pulls a miracle)
Players to Watch:
Season Preview: The Ivy League and a few of the New York-based ECAC schools cancelled the 2020-21 season (cancel culture amirite???) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision that was questionable at the time and retrospectively proven to be overzealous as every other conference played some semblance of a normal season. As such, it’s hard to know what to expect out of the 2021-2022 Bears, largely because half their team will be made up of players who’ve never played college hockey before.
With that said, Bruno returns some veteran players that could – if things go right – potentially drive them to a solid season. Oft-injured but talented goaltender Luke Kania returns, as does speedy scorer Justin Jallen and promising two-way defenseman Luke Krys. The Bears couldn’t find the net in 2019-20, so they’ll need to find a way to create offense (might I suggest a more direct approach to getting pucks on net, rather than cycling endlessly below the red line until the opponents’ defensemen retrieve the puck and break up ice?). The defense and goaltending, on paper, should be pretty reliable. If Brown can get goals from some of the unknown quantities in the freshman or sophomore classes while relying on the upperclassmen to lead the way in maintaining a solid defense, the Bears could be a sneaky tough out in an ECAC that will be undergoing a weird transition season.
Of course, the flip side of this coin is that Brown could struggle to score just as much as they did two years ago and sink back to the bottom of the ECAC. It wouldn’t be the first time! Here’s hoping that the Bears can at least knock off Harvard for the first time since 2018 and win the Mayor’s Cup for the first time since 2015.
Game Day: The game day experience at Meehan Auditorium isn’t much to write home about. There is little production value and the arena will most likely be very empty unless Cornell or PC are playing accompanied by their legions of fans. The concessions are very sad and the bathrooms are approximately 50 years overdue for renovations (who likes privacy at the urinal, anyway?).
However, if you’re a fan of old hockey barns, Meehan is a tremendous place to watch a game – second only to Matthews Arena of the old school rinks I’ve been to. The sightlines are great wherever you sit, and the standing room areas above each goal give you an unobstructed view of the whole ice, so you can watch plays develop end-to-end. The cavernous roof makes this otherwise-intimate arena feel sprawling and grandiose, despite its modest grandstands. Because of the typically small crowds and the audience’s proximity to the ice, you can hear every skate blade cut into the ice; every banter exchanged between opponents; every ECAC referee making an utterly befuddling call.
Things to do in Providence: Brown and Providence will always be tied at the hip (for better or for worse), as the university is one of the oldest entities in the city. The campus is located on the East Side in the apt-named neighborhood of College Hill, which is filled with beautiful old Colonial, Victorian, Greek Revival, and Art Deco architecture. College Hill is a short walk from downtown (or downcity, as Providence pretentiously tried to rebrand itself to no avail in the mid-aughts) and has stunning views of the city, the harbor, and the hills in western Rhode Island.
Near Meehan, the hotspot for food and drinks is Thayer Street, which has become increasingly corporate and soulless over the past 10 years (for any Boston folks, it’s analogous to Harvard Square’s redevelopment from beloved counterculture hub to high-end shopping mall, complete with Starbucks and Chipotle). There are still several good local places on or near Thayer to grab a quick bite to eat: Baja’s has massive delicious burritos, East Side Pockets has great gyros and other wraps, Mike’s Calzones is always reliable, Andréas is a Greek joint that’s been around forever, and there’s a Flatbread Co. location down one of the side streets. People like Antonio’s pizza a lot – I think it sucks, but people like it. Parking has become increasingly difficult to come by around Thayer Street, so if you can find a spot in the lot at the Brown sports complex (next to Meehan) on Lloyd Street, I’d advise doing that and walking the two blocks to Thayer.
A half-mile to the south of Thayer Street and the main Brown campus sits Wickenden Street, which comprises all local shops and restaurants and has a more authentic feel to it. Fellini’s Pizza is good for a quick slice (or three), and Sakura has really good sushi. Hot Club is a deceptively named dive bar right on the water with a great view of the city and harbor, and Wickenden Pub is your classic neighborhood watering hole with a great beer selection. The East End is a hole-in-the-wall cocktail bar that has interesting drinks and very cool decor. Narragansett Beer’s new taproom just opened near India Point Park, which is a short walk from Wickenden. Plant City, an all-vegan food hall that has received rave reviews, is a few blocks away as well.
The beauty of Providence is that it’s a tiny old colonial port city masquerading as a culinary and cultural rival of Boston or New York – and thus, nearly everything to do, see, and eat is within a short walk or a few minutes’ drive. Downtown Providence and the old Jewelry District are at the foot of the hill upon which Brown is situated, and both areas have some excellent bars and restaurants – my favorites include Xaco Taco, Trinity Brewhouse, Union Station Brewery, Mokban, Providence Coal Fired Pizza, and G Pub (including the rooftop bar upstairs in the warmer months). Harry’s Burger Bar on South Main St. is wildly popular, which I’ve never really understood, but everyone who visits seems to love it.
If you’re looking for a truly Providence experience, head beyond downtown to Federal Hill, the city’s historic Italian neighborhood (and home to the infamous Patriarca Crime Family that ruled New England for decades). There is a bevy of great Italian restaurants on Federal Hill – Trattoria Zooma, Andino’s, Venda Ravioli among them. There are cool bars, breweries, and restaurants on the Fed Hill/West End line, including Ogie’s Trailer Park, Nice Slice Pizzeria, Bayberry Beer Hall, Moniker Brewery, and Beer on Earth. Long Live Beerworks deeper into the West End is an awesome local brewery with a cult following and a really nice taproom. Los Andes, which landed on Yelp’s top 100 places to eat list, is tucked away from the action in the quieter Mount Pleasant neighborhood, but if you can manage to get yourself a reservation it’s well worth the drive across town.
Providence is a food city that punches well above its meager weight – Johnson & Wales churns out top chefs from its highly rated culinary arts program, many of whom stay local and open restaurants in Providence – and the craft beer scene has exploded in recent years, so it won’t be hard to find good eats and drinks wherever you end up before and/or after a Brown hockey game.
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