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Apple iPhone iOS 15 Update: Is Screen Share Setting On FaceTime Working?

2021.09.21 12:34 NancyLutz Apple iPhone iOS 15 Update: Is Screen Share Setting On FaceTime Working?

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2021.09.21 12:34 cambeiu Suaram disputes custodial death numbers given by Hamzah Zainudin in Parliament

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2021.09.21 12:34 Dependent_Stage_4427 Abilify maintena 300 mg for drug induced psychosis (marijuana and amphetamines) lowering dosage

I (male 29 years) had a drug induced psychotic episode a year and a half ago,im doing fine on 300 mg Abilify maintena every 4 weeks with a little bit of sedation.My doctor prescribed me to take it every 6 weeks now for tappering off.is it a good method? Because from what i read the abilify is in my sistem for 29.9 days.Am i for 14 days cold turkey or is it slowly tappering off by itself? Thank you for your answers in advance
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2021.09.21 12:34 mt4christ247 Christian Coupling – All God’s “Little People”

For an extended message go to: https://mt4christ247.podbean.com/e/christian-coupling-%e2%80%93-all-god-s-little-people-purity-529/
Today’s photo of some apple trees and a cloudless blue September sky comes to us from a friend who went apple picking and found their way through the corn maze at Samascott Orchards, in Kinderhook NY over the weekend. While the first day of Autumn isn’t officially here until tomorrow this photo is evidence that for some of us Fall is already here as apple picking is a seasonal tradition for many in upstate NY. I must admit that I indulged in a large Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Dunkin Donuts on Saturday to celebrate Autumn’s arrival.
With a new season officially here tomorrow, it may be a time to consider the change in seasons in our lives. I will be meeting with a group of friends who support one another in dealing with the effects of divorce and how to move ahead in the future seasons in our lives. For those who have loved and lost, it’s good to have a forum speak, to process the changes we have gone through, and to discuss the next steps in our lives.
One of the concerns for many in our group is moving on and contemplating finding a new life partner. Our group is Christian and many of us have a desire to try to follow God’s direction in choosing a new mate. Considering our post Christian society, making the decision to not settle for anyone other than a Christian spouse is like voluntarily removing anywhere from 60 to 90% of the available candidates from the dating pool, depending on your preference for authenticity and spiritual maturity. If you don’t believe me, just go to church on Sunday and count the number of available single males or females, in any age bracket, and you will have an idea of our dilemma.
I am 49 years old and the only single women at my local church that I was remotely interested in was a 51 and 30 years old. The 51 year old had extreme food allegories, a veritable rodent zoo of pets, an adult wiccan daughter who lived at home who smoked marijuana, and a Christian faith that bordered on superstition. Even with all those red flags, I was so desperate for love immediately after my divorce that I was really considering a relationship with this woman when she decided she was content with being alone and politely rejected me, much to my relief.
And the 30 year old, who I had secretly crushed on for years and had a series of dreams of being in a relationship and being married to, shot me down on Valentine’s Day this year when I sent a text that likened her beauty to the natural wonders of Victoria Falls in Africa, where we had both been on a mission trip together in 2016. Ain’t no fool like an old fool.
So this year’s earlier rejections and the discussions I have had with other Christian divorcees have shown me that building a new life with someone who is Christian isn’t going to be a walk in the park.
When I was a kid, our family had this Fisher Price Little People Village Playset. It was like a little city with two halves that you could place side by side but you could also put them back to back and lock them together and pick it up and carry it away as a single unit. I googled it and if you are into vintage toys it was made in 1973 and is available for $115 on Etsy.com! It’s pictured on the blog today.
Anyway, I think of trying to get together with a new Christian partner as trying to put my Fisher Price Playset together with their playset. My playset would have me, two kids, a cat, a house and 3 cars. So my task is to find another person whose playset I could deal with and whose playset would fit together with mine.

For instance Fisher Price also made a Farm Playset. Even though both playsets are Fisher Price, the village playset and the farm playset don’t fit together into one piece. But you could take the “little people” from the different playsets and have them play and live in a different playset. But just because you could have the “village little people” live on the farm and you could have the “farm little people” live in the village, it doesn’t mean that you should. So what’s a “little people” to do?
Well for the Christian, we are to go to God and ask for guidance and to be discerning to be sure that the “little people” who say they are Christian really are Christian, for one. And we are also to make sure that they really are the “little people” they say they are in other areas of life because unfortunately some “little people” tell some really big lies.
So for the Christian looking for love we must be smart, and we must stand by our convictions to not be “unequally yoked” by becoming involved with someone who’s faith is a shallow or just a show. While compatibility, or coming from the same Fisher Price playset, is important it is more important that both “little people” have a living relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.
If both “little people” are in Christ and are seeking the Lord’s will for their lives and are living by Christian principles drawn from the wisdom of God’s word, there are no differences that can’t be overcome.
For the love of Christ can not only cover a multitude of sins it can also bridge the gaps between Jews and Gentiles and the “little people” from different playsets. But before we start slapping playsets together, we should be sure that all the playset people, pieces, and accessories are considered and if we discover that these two playsets just wont work or the pieces are just too different from one another, we should trust the Lord, pick up our playset and move along.
With God, we can be content that we are loved. Instead of forcing a fit between our “playset” and someone else’s playset, we should make sure all the pieces in our playset are in order and that we are content with ourselves and are in harmony with God.
So, keep walking and talking with God. If you follow Him, you can be assured that you are loved and cared for and if you are obedient to His guidance He won’t lead you astray.
God bless you all!
MT Clark of mt4christ dot org and the mt4christ247 podcast

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2021.09.21 12:34 Final_Repeat7744 Question: why is Celeste in the horror games section of the Xbox game pass. Just why.

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2021.09.21 12:34 Rathinagiri 3D Fractal-a-Day 2017-January-02

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2021.09.21 12:34 Edboy777 [Ed, Edd n Eddy/The Animaniacs] What If Eddy and Yakko switch places and shows?

Eddy now leads the two remaining warner siblings and Yakko is in charge of the Eds. How would their new scenarios play out?
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2021.09.21 12:34 cubeegg69 Resolution

So i wanna play it with good fps but i cant cause the resolution goes as low as 1280×1024, if i coyld lower it a little bit more it would be perfect.... Why cant i go lower and how can i go lower?
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2021.09.21 12:34 bendygrrl You are fantastic baby - under a bridge.

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2021.09.21 12:34 Tessia0710 Where to read Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine - Chapter 56 - Falsely Accuse online for free!!

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2021.09.21 12:34 InevitableSurround59 💎 BIG BTC (BBTC) is the king of meme coin deployed on binance smart chain offering the Biggest reflection reward in 8% BTC after every hour.

🎛 How BIG BTC Works
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Scam-minded developers often pull out the liquidity which crashes value and prevents others from trading So, therefore Liquidity will be locked for three years. Hence is no need to be worried about your investment.
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We will lock 95% % of the total funds raised in Presale for three years. ! The remaining will be used for marketing and other expenses of team and development, then BIGBTC will grow, survive and develop because it is one of the unique BTC meme tokens.
🔹 Total Supply: 1 Billion
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💠 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x54cc1f7881441b9df92d9ec2556491f286febf01#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked for 3 Years:
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2021.09.21 12:34 Street_Lemon Blursed workcat

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2021.09.21 12:34 WeAreFoxSports Tom Brady Approaching Yet Another Ridiculous Milestone

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2021.09.21 12:34 bikinelson Veronica Perrasso masturbating with a huge dildo show huge boobs

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2021.09.21 12:34 w9faewj How do I solve this?

I have to write a sentence in terms of p, q and using the operators →, ↔, ¬, ∧, and ∨ with p = this car costs less than $1000 and q = John will buy this car.
The sentence is "If this car costs less than $10000, then John will buy it."
Would it be it be ¬ p → q or p → q? or should it be ¬ p → ¬ q?
I'm confused about it because there are values that are <$10,000 which makes p true and p not true. like $500 which is both <$1,000 and <$10,000 but then $9,000 is <$10,000 but not <$1,000
I feel really stupid right now. What should I do? Am I getting something wrong?
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2021.09.21 12:34 PokemonTradingS Yo the climax battles for Kiwami are bullshit, stuck on the golden gun one, trying to pull of the quick shooting technique is quite difficult, I get up to the end guy easy enough but he always manages to put a shot in me, because quick shooting falters.

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2021.09.21 12:34 Thoutheman Human beings of Reddit , what would be the best way for aliens to hide among humans?

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2021.09.21 12:34 WeAreFoxSports Late Hockey Player Jimmy Hayes' Family Penned Letter Thanking Supporters

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2021.09.21 12:34 MyWifeAndI1248 What my wife's done to me.

Honestly never thought I'd be here in life. My wife has done the unthinkable.
In 2014, a year after we started dating, I found a message thread on her phone with exchanged pictures. She told me her phone was hacked. I didn't really believe it, but I told myself to, and moved on from it.
We had our first child together in 2016, and got married in October of 2018. Second kid and a house in 2019. I thought life was good. Boring and monotonous, but good.
This year I had a vasectomy. A few weeks after, my interests in the bedroom started changing. We explored some things and eventually, she showed me a text conversation she was having with my best friend. It was obviously missing pieces, so I asked her to explain and she denied it. I pulled her text message history for the last 3 months and found thousands of messages between them. For 10 days we argued about this, then eventually I told her I wanted to have her deleted messages recovered by a data recovery service. She eventually admitted she'd been sexting with him for around 4 months, since just after I got the vasectomy. She told me they exchanged pictures and phone calls, and that he convinced her to buy a wireless vibrator that he could use on her over the internet.
Several days later, when she realized I was still going to get her cell phone messages recovered, she admitted she had sex with a former co-worker of hers. She said she did it earlier this year. Three days later she tells me there's more. She tells me she didn't really have sex with that co-worker this year, it was actually in 2019, and that she also met up with him once for a blow job. She then told me she'd been having sex with her best friend, and doesn't know how long it's been going on for (she has some memory problems from a medical condition). She said it definitely started before we were married, possibly before our first kid. She also told me about another guy who she brought into our home for the purpose of having sex with, just two months ago, but didn't go through with it. And eventually she told me about sexting with another one of my friends, and finally admitted to the sexting back in 2014.
The data recovery of her phone failed. I've looked at all her Facebook message history, Google location history, and other digital histories. I discovered one additional person she was sexting with, a female, that she forgot about. I'm so worried that there are more that she forgot about.
I also discovered lots of upsetting timeline facts. The time she had sex with her co-worker was while she was 36 weeks pregnant, on the morning of my 30th birthday party. One of the times with her best friend was about 10 days before our wedding, and she recorded it (and I unfortunately found it, that image will never leave my brain). And again just 5 weeks after our wedding. The BJ meetup happened just 6 weeks after getting married. The wifi vibrator use with my friend was on my birthday this year, shortly followed by happy birthday texts from each of them.
I have no idea what to do. In the absence of a decision, we've entered marriage counseling in an attempt to move past this. But it's so severe, I'm worried it's insurmountable. Before anyone says "just leave", it's so much more involved than that. If this was still 2014 I'd agree, but now there are kids, marital assets, and 8 years of memories.
Thanks for reading my life story.
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2021.09.21 12:34 Superchecker Where is your favorite place to vacation? Most memorable vacation?

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2021.09.21 12:34 Muunke Among is in real life

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2021.09.21 12:34 ilknurr 42% off >> $18.66 >> Boxym Smart Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.09.21 12:34 Tessia0710 Where to read The Beautiful Time With You - Chapter 361 - An Nonexistent Possibility (1) online for free!!

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2021.09.21 12:34 wpfhzhffk Math 2930 Prelim 1

Hi would anyone be willing to share any past prelims to practice with for the first math 2930 prelim? All I could find online were on coursehero :(
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2021.09.21 12:34 Sofotchka Kislav boyar

Who think that Dimitri tzaryov should be kept as a boyar in WH 3? It would be just awesome
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