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2021.09.21 12:36 tennissection5 Tennis News Today Results – TennisSection

Get the quick and accurate tennis news today results from one and only trustable website: TennisSection. Here you can catch up on tennis results as well as news related to tennis matches like players, predictions, picks, bets etc. So sign up now!
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2021.09.21 12:36 IllusionGAming124 I commit warcrime

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2021.09.21 12:36 Odd_Release_6569 Help with equipment

I’m infantry player so I got my gatekeeper’s shield with special talent on the internet I see some guide to change it with an epic gear (Sakura Fubuki) should I change it and lose the health buff for the extra infantry attack or keep my special talent gatekeeper’s shield?
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2021.09.21 12:36 Julesvernevienna Some days are just meant for a blanket and a cuddle buddy

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2021.09.21 12:36 anonymous_monkey2 "You'll need to transfer to an employment services provider "

Anyone know what this means to save me a call...?
I'm actually about to submit that I work freelance, because I just did my tax and my accountant helped me with my profit and loss. I work about 20 hours a week...honestly sometimes more, but it's still just not enough money without jobseeker as a crutch. It's stressing me a bit now.

You've been in Online Employment Services for about a year. That means it's time to think about changing the type of assistance you get to help you find a job.
You'll need to transfer to an employment services provider by Wednesday, 20 October 2021 unless you:

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2021.09.21 12:36 Fnif These bald scalps peaking up at the buttom of my screen

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2021.09.21 12:36 reddit_feed_bot Fox News Politics: French submarine deal snub reflects Australia's need for better technology to counter China

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2021.09.21 12:36 Middle-Trouble-8822 Like to fart PLAYLIST

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2021.09.21 12:36 Rathinagiri 3D Fractal-a-Day 2017-March-01

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2021.09.21 12:36 cutiexpatootie96 how to block someone without talking?

being bullied and harassed in whisper but got no way to block them from replying to my posts. we did speak and he blocked me, but i didn’t block him. now i can’t block him anymore as he knows i’ll need to chat to him so i guess he’s doing anything he can to bully me off of the app. worse thing is that he’s from the nearby section so he’s ALWAYS going to find me. what do i do about this?
am i forced to never look at my replies ever again under my posts? he literally spams me with 3 replies under every posts saying i’m fat, obese and ugly over and over again.
i’ve been reporting him for 2 days but it doesn’t do anything. it’s like whisper doesn’t care.
please give me help. thank you.
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2021.09.21 12:36 Tessia0710 Where to read Take My Breath Away - Chapter 634 - Wesley And The Woman Who Love Him online for free!!

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2021.09.21 12:36 LordAppleJuice07 A nice little murray cod I caught, shame I couldn't keep it.

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2021.09.21 12:36 ChichaHalalMaulvi68 哈哈,跳舞了

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2021.09.21 12:36 chair0147 Jaune should have died instead of Pyrrha

I thought Jaune was going to be a game changing character with super OP powers once he unlocks his semblance - but his role has instead become a walking battery for Ren's semblance. The writers aren't even trying to use his semblance creatively to make cool fight scenes. Just the occassional heal people when the fight is over.
Pyrrha is a spartan magneto. She's way more interesting and could have a lot more interesting battle sequences.
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2021.09.21 12:36 sliebman10 Had to share another one...(credit:@blvnk-art)

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2021.09.21 12:36 itisverynice India-UK FTA: UK govt lists out the benefits to its industry [29.8.2021]

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2021.09.21 12:36 NinjaLinn Luvcraft on will be streaming live tonight!

German based artist and musician Luvcraft has really made a name for himself on, his style is really unique and colorful. His collage style art is fun and textured, he really makes the subjects come to life in a vibrant way, check him out on Luvcraft will also be streaming live on Enter.arts server 19.00 CEST tonight, it will also stream on
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2021.09.21 12:36 Mean-Gas-6008 "Wheels on the Bus". Carmel coping mechanism

mad creeps, like, WHAAAAA, am I right? maybe I'm just a person that hates EYE THINGS, but: BLECHGH, vom!
BUTTTTTT is this show camp?
like..... you can see everyone on set and it seems like an amateur move for a show that's essentially made by an algorithm with Larry page's real estate budget? thoughts?
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2021.09.21 12:36 Ibbuk NPA doctors find Zuma is fit to stand trial, even as his doctors dispute this

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2021.09.21 12:36 Comprehensive_Dot767 Student discount

I’m a student from the UK thinking about purchasing the MacBook Air M1 2020. However, I’m also considering waiting for Apple to announce the new MacBook Air either late 2021 or early 2022. My question is, will Apple offer student discount when the MacBook releases? Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.21 12:36 Kiki98_ Honestly bless his heart

I thought I’d share an interaction that warmed my heart today because there’s so much negativity around atm.
I’m currently working in contact tracing instead of the hospital just to give myself a break. Part of my job is to call people in quarantine to see how they’re travelling.
I call a guy today. Mid 40s, doesn’t have TV or internet because he doesn’t really like them. He was the sweetest guy and just wanted a chat, bless his soul. Picture a tradie type guy who loves a stubby and a ciggie at the end of the day. He tells me that he is quarantining alone but that his mum taught him to knit and so he is spending his quarantine time knitting. He told me he wants to make a jumper for his cat and that he’s ‘not great yet but my mum taught me so I think I’ll be right’ 🥺
I wanted to adopt him on the spot hahaha
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2021.09.21 12:36 Dowoge HES CHARGING UP OH LORD HE COMIN

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2021.09.21 12:36 needgap Machine learning is too complex to use

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2021.09.21 12:36 Tobi755889 Sauna sweat therapy tips

Hi, now that I have access to a sauna and winter is approaching I don’t want to be jogging everyday anymore and I want to use a sauna. For those who use sauna for sweat therapy, how long do you use it for, is it effective to control your symptoms and do you use it everyday? Thank you!
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2021.09.21 12:36 BeanslyBeans How do I get thin?

I’m a female (5’11) and I weigh about 90kg. I work out 2-3 times a week on muscles and I try biking every week for sixty minutes. I eat healthy and do not eat sweets from Monday-Friday. My dad’s side of the family are plus size and I have gotten lots of his genes in me. I’m probably the most healthy person in my family, yet the one with the second most fat. I’m not chubby, but I’m not thin. I’ve tried going without food, trained more than I should have and I’m still overweight. I hate looking myself in the mirror and I hate looking at my body. I don’t want to look this way because it makes me feel ugly. Is there anything I can do to change myself?
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