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Regarding Naruto and Boruto (Ch 62)

2021.09.21 12:32 caninewolf Regarding Naruto and Boruto (Ch 62)

Hello! New to Reddit/first time poster here. Would just like to give my two cents regarding the father-son relationship between Naruto and Boruto in Ch 62, especially after the whole conversation about going after Kawaki. I will try to look at it narratively, in terms of the writing, and the future anime adaptation. This will be long so apologies in advance.
Naruto Acknowledging Boruto's Abilities
Prior to finding out about the true nature of the Karma seal, I think he was legitimately placing more faith towards Boruto in both anime and manga.
In the Mujina Bandits Arc, Team 7 was assigned to do the undercover work in lieu of the Chunin who were originally supposed to undertake the mission due to unforeseen circumstances, signifying that even then, he believed that they could handle a mission that should under normal circumstances be given to Chunin.
In the Kara Actuation Arc, Boruto wanted to go to the Land of Valleys and return Anato's ring to Mia, and he managed to get Naruto's permission to go despite the potential danger (Konohamaru and Mugino were at the Land of Valleys at that time to investigate Victors company) and the fact that (most likely) just a few days prior, he was in the ER of the hospital after the first fight with Deepa (Ep 172). Afterwards, the whole Team 7 received a special commendation Hokage for their performance and their efforts in helping resolve the situation at the Land of Valleys (Ep 179), and right after, in the Ao Arc, he let Team 7 search for Konohamaru and Mugino even though there was the possibility of encountering Kara members.
There might be more examples elsewhere, but this is off the top of my head. I think he's also stated numerous times that the whole of Team 7 is at the very least Chunin-level in skill. During the Kawaki Arc, I think when they sparred, he acknowledged Boruto's improvement in using shadow clones and his actual movements (Ch 29/Ep 196).
Otsutsuki and Karma Seal (Up to end of Kawaki Arc/fight with Isshiki)
I think others pointed out somewhere that his behavior might have changed after learning about the true nature of the Karma seal and the first battle with Isshiki/Jigen. When Jigen/Isshiki stated that he was after Boruto, Naruto went ballistic (to the point that Kurama(!) had to tell him to calm down and not say anything more, even when he was impaled in multiple places by the rods. Also, in both anime and manga, Naruto was sternly telling him not to join the fight due to the dangers involved and the potential risks associated with Momoshiki taking control, likely drawing from his own experiences of when Kurama was taking control. I guess he is worried about whether or not he can handle things in case it does happen. I guess knowing that Isshiki was after Boruto due to his Karma seal was also a major factor in Naruto not wanting Boruto to join the fight. After the fight with Isshiki, I guess he has even more reason to be worried since he wasn't able to help out due to the side-effects of using BM, and Sasuke ended up losing his Rinnegan.
(Side note: I think both Naruto and Sasuke were right in a way with regards to bringing Boruto to the Isshiki fight. Sasuke was right because bringing Boruto along allowed them to divert the fight away from the village, but Naruto was also right because of the whole Rinnegone situation, in short both of them had valid points on the matter as far as I'm concerned)
Naruto Listening to Boruto/Taking Into Account His POV
Several people are up in arms about Naruto ignoring Boruto in the chapter, but are there instances when he listened and/or took into account his son's POV? I think there might be some from both anime and manga; not sure if the following can be considered.
When they went to rejoin the fight against Momoshiki and Naruto was about to use Shadow Clones, Boruto reminds him about Momoshiki's ability to absorb ninjutsu, so he ultimately decides not to do so.
Pills: Naruto allowed Boruto to decide whether or not to take them. He was alarmed that Boruto hastily decided to take some, but ultimately understood and respected his reasoning.
I'm not sure if there might be others though.
Potential Headcanons/Guesses
The pills coming into play might also add another layer to things. Even though there doesn't seem to be any noticeable side-effects for the time being (as far as we know), I guess he doesn't want to take a chance that some nasty side-effect happens, and again, there's a worry about not knowing what to do in case side-effects manifest.
Naruto might have bad memories from what happened 20 years ago in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, where almost everyone who came back from that mission was seriously hurt. At that time, only ninjas among the Konoha 11 were available. I guess Naruto doesn't want to see children getting hurt while bringing someone back to the village.
Somebody made the following analogy with regards to Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke. It's more likely that parents will be strict and overprotective with their own kids as opposed to uncles/aunts. Based on my own personal experience (and I guess that of many others), it is quite true: My own parents will be sterner towards me than my cousins, especially when it comes to rules and/or misbehavior.
Also, from the comments on the Naruto Explained chapter review, I spotted this:
"A few parents who watch this channel have left comments, it's less Naruto was being dumb and more Naruto was thinking with his parent brain. A parent knows the progress their kids have made and they weigh that against both their actions and their past behavior. Naruto assumed Boruto was lying or pulling a prank based on both his past behavior, as well as the fact that he was challenging Naruto's own observation(the jonin said Kawaki was there). That's why he said he was "hoping" Boruto wasn't pulling one on him and once he saw he was telling the truth, Naruto had his oh shit moment. The parental side matters, I don't have kids, but quite a few comments on this video have been from parents who weighed in and defended Naruto."
The dialogue could probably have been written differently because it makes Naruto come off terribly. It does seem to come off that his character may have regressed compared to directly after the Momoshiki fight (where he admitted his own shortcomings in treating Boruto like a child) and also the events of Ep 9 where he admitted that Boruto was telling the truth about the Jogan (mistaken for Byakugan), even though it did not manifest during their visit to the Hyuga compound. Also, could it be a really contrived way of adding drama to the story or giving a reason for Naruto not being around during the Code-Kawaki fight (or possibly showing up late, depending on what happens in succeeding chapters)? Could be a case of "plot no jutsu" or something.
Another side to it might be that, as some others say, if Naruto did bring him along, others might criticize him for deliberately bringing his son into a dangerous situation, so it might also end up being a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't, even though Boruto was ultimately right in the end. In any case, maybe the anime will change things up?
Future Anime Adaptation
From what I've seen/heard, the anime fleshes things out and/or changes certain details to correct mistakes made in the manga. I think one of the most recent examples was how Amado's interrogation was handled.
Manga: Boruto asks Sumire about what exactly defection means
Anime: Sumire wonders about why Amado could be defecting
Do you think the anime will expand on this and try to change certain parts of the dialogue to rectify it? If so, what changes do you think the anime will make to improve upon it?
Just putting out some random thoughts. This is my first post, so I would highly appreciate any constructive feedback on it, including any corrections on details that I may have gotten wrong :)
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2021.09.21 12:32 Tessia0710 Where to read Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire - Chapter 1001 - He has never loved you. online for free!!

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2021.09.21 12:32 Raptoraide The War Machine armor looks better than the Iron Man armor.

Sure Iron Man's armor is advanced as hell especially in the endgame, but War Machine's armor(s) always look like it's ready for battle, like.... if you're an American Soldier in a war and suddenly Colonel Rhodes show up with that bulky heavily armed suit of armor you know the enemies are fucked.
Also, I think War Machine is the most Underrated member of the Avengers (in the movie at least)
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Trying to find other songs that have similar catchy melody like the violin/synth melody on this song.
Not looking for a vocal melody, just a catchy whistleable instrument melody!
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2021.09.21 12:32 T00n3r Sticky side pot situation with an overplayed hand

From a £1/£2 game at my local casino
LJ 7, Co (700, LAP whale) Call, BTN (60) call, H in Sb (500) call KQo, Bb call.
Probably a fold pre or squeeze, this game has been playing very splashy and loose however so I decided to flat and hope my post flop skill edge would be enough to make it profitable.
Flop KT6r
x to CO, CO 13, BTN call, H 40, folds to CO, CO call, BTN jam for 55, H call, BTN call.
Raising flop vs small sizing purely for value against the whale in CO, and to deny equity from players behind. LJ seemed to play pretty faceup and I belive he would cbet all better hands.
Turn 5x
Main pot:170, side pot:0
H 50, Co call
Unsure of turn sizing I should be using. HU I know with my more polar range a large sizing should be used, however with my bluffs such as QJs I don't think I'm incentivised to bet big on the turn with a dry side pot.
River 7x
Main pot:170, side pot:100
H 65, CO call.
Again chose smaller sizing as I think my range inherently becomes condensed on the turn when I chose to bet, despite my flop x/r. Choosing a smaller size I also have plenty of money behind to bet/fold if CO chooses to raise.
CO shows K8o, BTN shows K and mucks, H scoops
Feel like I butchered this hand with a few 'live poker' factors. Any advice is appreciated.
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I have a VM I've added a CD/DVD device too. Whenever I change to it a Datastore ISO, it reverts back to the Content store ISO option in the dropdown. I tried changing it multiple times, turning the VM off and deleting all snapshots, but it keeps reverting from Datastore to Content Store.
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2021.09.21 12:32 harryhound47 Bought a car thats buggerd followed the advice given and send 2 letters, one was received and signed for over 2 weeks ago, what now?

More info in my last post, how do I go about taking this guy to court, do I need a solicitor? How much will it cost me? Can I realistically request him to cover the costs of insurance and or tax? Where do I even start? Thanks for all the advice on my last post guys, im new to this part of of life and really appreciate any help I can get
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2021.09.21 12:32 TeresaSkov89 Bad graphics due to..... Old console?

So, I'm playing on my dear old Xbox One, which I love by the way, 'cause i can't afford the new Xbox series x. But, lately I've found the graphics in RDO to be fairly poor? Especially compared to the pictures and videos I see posted here. Any suggestions, what might 'cause that? Or is it just because I'm used to the graphics now, and notice it ain't that perfect? Been playing story since release and online since beta.
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2021.09.21 12:32 JMISTHEBEST How to justify A Future Grand Moff becoming A Adventurer? and maybe joining The Rebellion?

40 minutes ago I found some tables I made back in 2,014 that can be used to determine A Characters family, history, background and similar
I'll admit that in the 28 years I've been roleplaying I've not had even a quarter the luck when creating A Character that I had when creating this 1
Sadly the guy will never be used but I'm curious and I have questions
Why would A Future Very Senior Grand Moff become A Adventurer?
Why would he join The Rebellion?
Lets me honest with 1 of The Characters being A Future Very Senior Grand Moff is their anyone other then the likes of Vader, Palpatine, The Emperors Hands, actual Very Senior Grand Moff's and very senior Inquisitors that won't treat the group as if they were royalty?
The biggest question is if A Future Very Senior Grand Moff learnt the truth about The Empire and tried to join The Rebellion would The Rebellion let A Future Very Senior Grand Moff join them?
Lets be honest with him being guarded by 2,500 Soldiers and 22 Ships, 4 of them Star Destroyers, is their anything in the setting that can pose even a tiny threat?
Here goes
Rolls on Tables The GM made for determing family and stuff
Roll 1
A 87 followed by A 18 followed by A 8 followed by A 96
I’m the oldest of The 7 Children of A Very Senior Grand Moff
Roll 2
A 44 means that as my fathers only in his late 40’s and I’m only in my early 20’s I know I’ll not become A Grand Moff for at least 10 to 15 years
So I became A Adventure our of Boredom
Roll 3
A 89 then A 68 for then A 27 for Ships
To guard me my fathers assigns 11 Ships that consist of 2 Imperial Class Star Destroyer, 2 Victory Class Star Destroyers, 4 Very Light Dreadnoughts, 4 Heavy Carriers, 4 fairly Heavy Cruisers and 6 Super-Heavy Escorts
Roll 4
A 63 followed by A 9 followed by A 74 then A 78 then A 28 then A 38 for troops
To guard me my fathers assigns 2 1,250 Strong Regiments of very light Infantry that are very heavily very heavily armoured and have a average level of training and have a well above average level of exprerance
Roll 5
A 77 then A 80
I’m A Navie, well meaning and not very bright loyalist
But I truly want to help people
When I learn the truth about The Empire I’ll turn against it without a 2nd though
Roll 6
For belongings
A 86 means he starts with both 3,000,000 Credits in actual Cash and 6,000,000 Credits in various accounts
A 44 means that he starts with 1,000,000 Credits worth of valuables
A 60 means that he starts with 4,000,000 worth of belongings
Roll 7
A 76 means that he starts with double the normal amount of available XP
A 52 followed by A 85 means that all of his Skills can start at level 4 rather then Level 2
A 68 followed by A 26 means that he gets 3 Skills that he can't normally start with
A 89 means that he adds +1D3+1 all of his stats
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2021.09.21 12:32 MrsInsizion TIFU by getting prepared for the gynecologist

Yes, the yearly gynecologist appointment. No one enjoys it but as a grown up person you know you have to get it done, health check ups are important, ey? The day before the appointment I was getting all the "necessary" preparations done and the next day, the morning of the appointment I was making double sure my Virginia is in best shape. I even sprayed some organic deodorant on the areas, you know, deeper down the valley. Not the gynecologists usual turf but I thought he might be appreciative of the nice smell. I drove off and arrived, waited a bit and got done what needs to be done. Well, during the checkup I already seen the Dr. making some facial expressions I couldn't clearly figure out. Eventually he looked up to me and said "xx, we have a big hygiene problem down here". A what!? I was shocked. I was trying to figure out how it got so unhygienic down there, I shower once a day? Is it not enough? Did I not scrubb enough before the appointment??. Panic written all over my face I almost started crying out of embarrassment.. Then I seen in on my Docs face, he was trying to ease the situation, telling me I misunderstood. I washed away every last one of the "good bacteria"down there.. My Virginia was pretty much washed sterile what could lead to some infections etc, he said. He then lectured me after getting dressed up again, about the good bacteria, how to wash myself, with what to wash myself with. Oh lord. I felt so stupid. But the moment he looked at me telling me that I have a hygiene problem was sure an experience.
Tldr; washed myself to oblivion and my gynecologist told me I have a hygiene problem down under.
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2021.09.21 12:32 Ok_Letter4515 How do I treat a room for an interview setup using only a sennheiser g4?

The space is a little tight, maybe 3x5 meters. It’s a workspace for a soap making company so there are tables with equipment.
There will be an interview setup as well as an instructional section where the client will be showing how the product should be used.
I’ll be using a sennheiser g4.
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