Fekir is disgusting

2021.10.24 20:55 Teodololo Fekir is disgusting

Not even in a good way, he’s way too overpowered and way too cheap, I see him literally every single game and I can’t even blame them since I have him too.
Knowing EA, they’ll release like 6 other special cards of him with 55 and so on
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2021.10.24 20:55 bigmatt_94 Need help with the trophies for Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS4

First of all, I can't even find a damn trophy guide for this game. Whenever I try to use Google to find one it keeps on finding only trophy guides for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus which is the PS Vita version of the game which has different trophies with different requirements.
Secondly, I'm trying to grind out the Ice Storm Master trophy and I'm certain I've used it more than 100 times "successfully". It says in the trophy description to use it 100 times successfully so I'm not sure if this means you must at least hit someone with it or if you must kill someone with it successfully 100 times. I'm certain I've done both of those things more than 100 times now and the trophy hasn't unlocked. It didn't take me nowhere near as long to get the Fire Wheels Master trophy so I'm certain something is wrong with the Ice Storm one.
Can someone confirm if this trophy is bugged? And does anyone have a link to a guide detailing the best way to grind out these trophies and make sure they unlock for this PS4 version of the game and not the PS Vita version?
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2021.10.24 20:55 nem_v_39 How do you think that Osorezan will be split? Which point do you think that each Episode will end at?

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2021.10.24 20:55 Anchondo45B_L That’s tough 😂

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2021.10.24 20:55 SchoolLaptopAcc01 so, while exploring the stranger parts of youtube, i found something quite creepy

at least it was to me, i searched " . " into youtube. the videos were pretty random, but none of them were that creepy. what was suggested when i was typing in " . " was pretty weird tho. i learned about "m. me/mesho. deaf" which you can go to if you want, cuz i'm not going to that site. i searched up the website on youtube and the thumbnails of the videos that popped up were pretty disturbing to me, so i didn't click on any of them. if anybody can please explain to me what this website is, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.24 20:55 basejumping13 Bingo Clash 𝙵𝚁𝙴𝙴 💰💰 Code: (1BiSLUX) Gives players Bonus Cash, and Free Digs on Cash Miner.

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2021.10.24 20:55 Mysterious_Energy_50 What would happen if someone became richer than their country's government?

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2021.10.24 20:55 Kogasuke_Uchiha91 I'm BEGGING ya'll to check this huge kacchako anti tiktok acc


funniest shit ever.
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2021.10.24 20:55 Sensitive-Employ1754 Covid has ruined a lot for me

I’m sure many others can relate to the things that COVID has ruined for them. This isn’t to say I had it worse than anybody, but I feel like speaking about what I went through because it has been killing me to express what happened.
Let’s start in March 2020 where things were looking good. Me and my family were looking to buying our first home. We were looking at homes in Texas as my step-dad had a job offer. This on itself was something that meant so much for me because of the many single bedrooms I had to live in with me, my father, sister and mother. My father had physically and verbally abused us (thankfully, he is now understanding of his errors and I have a great relationship with him). Anyways, it is my senior year of high school and I had been sitting next to my crush and building a relationship with her. Texting, Facetiming, etc. In one of our classes, a field trip to six flags was coming up and she asked if I was going. I said I’d go if she went and then she said, “I guess it’ll be like a date.” Instantly I was so fucking happy jeez.
Life in general at this time was my peak due to everything falling into exactly how I wanted. College I wanted I got accepted, crush since middle school is ab to be my prom date, family is healthy and getting amazing opportunities, I lost 70 lbs since September, my grades were higher than ever, almost able to dunk a basketball and I began to expand myself socially, saved up 15k from work and for the first time I could go up to anyone and speak to them with confidence. All of this, crumbles.
When COVID started, nothing was really going badly. Things were pretty stable, I was just bummed out that most things were closed and the unknown potential dangers of COVID in the future.
Everything really starts to fall in April, I have a panic attack for the first time in my life. It hit me out of nowhere, but I persevered through it. Anyways, during the beginning of the pandemic me and my family thought we should go to the local park to play some soccer (I live in a house with a lot of family, so we had enough to have a full game and not call anyone over and risk COVID). After a few weeks I end up tearing my ACL and spraining my MCL, something that left me feeling off for more than a year. So, now I’m stuck in bed playing games all day and going to physical therapy. Turns out I cannot get surgery until COVID slows down due to NY state pausing non-emergency surgeries due to COVID.
Laying in my bed all day killed me with boredom. But for some reason I had just begun to have intrusive thoughts. This made me scared for my life, I never had thought this way.
Another 2 months go by of me being in constant knee pain and having these thoughts. I never really looked for a solution, I just let those thoughts eat at me. Thankfully, I never reacted to those thoughts by hurting myself or anything like that. But they still made my mental health go down the drain and I lost motivation to speak to that crush or anyone as I felt worthless.
TW:sa My surgery is set for June. I feel very off, but I try to find happiness in the days that go by. I’m not going to go into much deal as it hurts me to think of the memory, but I was sexually assaulted around this time. When it happened I was shocked, but for some reason it didn’t feel that significant. Time goes by and it hit me how bad it was. How did I go through that? How could that happen? Was it my fault? Wait a minute, this is real life and that happened. That memory gave me goosebumps to think of. My mental health continues to drop down.
Surgery happens, my leg is in stupid pain all day more than before. Now I’m stuck in bed with that memory haunting my mind, replaying clearer than the last time. Some dark times, sleeping was impossible. It was only getting worse as I lost friends after ignoring them since I couldn’t socialize without panicking.
Time after this zooms by, the memory still plays in my mind, some of uncles in Perú die to COVID, I forgot to submit some things to go to the school I wanted to, so my acceptance is revoked. It can’t get worse, right?
Laying in bed all day with little movement and exercise, leads to the inevitable weight gain. Boy did it hit me, 60 lbs boom back on. This just made me feel terrible, my work all gone.
Prom came around, long story short I went with friends and no date and I couldn’t socialize. I just left early and went home to play fifa. Exactly how I wanted it to go 🙃.
Eventually, I end up choosing a random cheap school to save some money so I can maybe just transfer to wherever I want. Two semesters of online school go by and I get accepted to transfer at the school I wanted to go to previously. In between this time, I lose more family and many failed attempts at losing weight again.
Step-dad and mom get COVID. My step-dad almost dies as he is put on the ventilator. It was a time of a lot of unknowns. If my stepdad, how could we continue. He guided us, and gave us so much. A great person I couldn’t think about losing. Thankfully, he survives and is discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, it left him weak and to this day he cannot use as much energy as he previously could without his heart rate shooting through the roof. My mother got a different kind of after effect, her mental health fell rapidly. Hyper awareness and panic attacks. The strongest person I knew, my idol was losing her mind. She would randomly cry, she was stuck at home as she couldn’t bear to hear car noises, or anything. One thing she said that freaked me out was when my grandmother came to see my mother. My mother cried and my grandmother asked her “what’s wrong my beautiful daughter?” My mom replied, “I’m between two worlds, I don’t know which one is good or bad, which one I need to pick!” My grandmother hugged her as she cried, “pick the one that you feel is best.”
During all of this, my physical and mental health remain at an all time low. Things just keep piling on. My stepdad is now on unemployment as he is fired for not being able to get back (the after effects of COVID left him too weak to work for a while).
I spent the summer that came up to try and lose the weight I gained back. I failed many times, remaining at the same weight. My knee still doesn’t feel the same. My first soccer game I’ve played since my injury was terrible. Obviously I’m not in a league, but it still hurt me to see that I couldn’t play and run like before. I was slow, my stamina was ok, strength was lower than before, overall I just couldn’t do much. Same in the basketball games I tried to play with friends, it was just running with pain.
School starts at the school I wanted, but it sucks. I am confused in career paths, struggle in class and cannot make friends. Luckily a good high school friend of mine went there, and he was pretty much my only friend left. He introduced me to many people which is the only reason I know anyone but him. This leads us to the present, I lost a lot of friends, gone through much trauma, lost opportunities, my mental health is abysmal and I don’t know what I’m doing.
I just felt like venting about this somewhere because I haven’t spoken about it to anyone. It hurts me to think of all this. This may not seem that bad, I don’t want to come off as someone thinking only they can go through the worst. I just felt like airing this out. Although COVID wasn’t the sole reason of these problems, it indirectly led to this hence the title.
Thank You for reading.
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2021.10.24 20:55 ThaRealBlackJesus Mega Absol on me - 4070 6980 2099

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2021.10.24 20:55 74thHumanBeingAlive tail_irl

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2021.10.24 20:55 Yous1ash Has anyone had astral sex with someone they knew in real life?

It would be awesome to be able to do this with an SO. Has anyone done this? I’ve heard of people doing it with stranger humans in the astral plane, but can you project with a specific someone from the physical world that you want to do it with?
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2021.10.24 20:55 MotormasterT1000 Does anyone know the tightening torque for the triple clamp on a Honda CRF 150/250?

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2021.10.24 20:55 ljwben Question about extremely reactive skin

My skin has been super sensitive for about a year now. I feel like especially to touch I cannot use the same things I’ve been able to use in the past without experiencing itching and burning in my hands. For example I am not allergic to plastics but every plastic phone case I use cause my hands to burn and my body to itch. Same thing happens with phones cases made from other materials (silicone, fabric, wood, etc.) they all cause my skin to burn and itch. It’s extremely frustrating because I’m having trouble just using a phone nowadays. How do I even go at solving this problem? I know I sound crazy but it makes life extremely uncomfortable.
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2021.10.24 20:55 appreguy 27 [M4M] #Philly Looking for sub guy to edge

I am looking for a sub guy to lay back and give me complete control of his dick and everything else between his legs. I'll give you pleasure when I want, stop right when you're about to blow, let you release when I'm ready, and finally stop after I think you've cum enough.
Ideally you're around my age or younger, thin/fit, clean, and ddf, and you must be vaccinated. I'm 27 M 150 lbs 6' with blonde hair and blue eyes here in Philadelphia.
Send me a message if you're interested, and tell me your wants, your limits, and about yourself/stats.
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2021.10.24 20:55 SnooDoubts323 Gun Decision

In your opinion what’s the best krytac gun
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2021.10.24 20:55 olando19955 [US][SELLING] D-GRAYMAN CHAPTERS 1-25 4$ each ..100$ alt , 20$ shipping addon . Need gone asap ! Emergency sale .

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2021.10.24 20:55 cauliflowersellout OP’s husband invited a stripper to their wedding night

not my post! OP is u/twihardforcharlie
Original (10/21/2021): Let me preface this by saying nothing like this has ever happened before, which is what left me so utterly flabbergasted as I had a lot of trust in our relation. My husband, we’ll call him Steve, and I planned to get married in Vegas with an entourage last year but due to COVID we got courthouse married last year and did our wedding in Vegas this year for our one year anniversary. We like to have fun, so our Vegas plans did include hitting a strip club. The day before our wedding, we were all supposed to go to the club together, but I drank too much and was confined to bed so my husband and some friends hit the strip club and I stayed at the hotel. Cool, no big deal. He didn’t come home until 7 am. Still cool, not ideal to get married on no sleep but if it doesn’t bother him, it doesn’t bother me. He gets home and starts talking about two strippers he met, one who wants to come to our wedding, we’ll call her Stella. She told him she didn’t want to be weird and she had a boyfriend but our wedding sounded cool and she wanted to come. Again, cool, we had the room as it wasn’t a formal wedding, and what’s a Vegas wedding without a stripper from the night before. Then he tells me about the other stripper, who he thinks wanted to have a threesome with us because she said his wife “sounded hot” and he invited her to the wedding also. I didn’t really say much to that, he’s mentioned wanting to have a threesome before and it has never been off the table, but we have only really discussed briefly and vaguely, like a “We might do that someday.” He also got both of their numbers to send them the wedding info, but that is where things start to go downhill.
For a majority of the time leading up to the wedding (we didn’t spend our time separate before the wedding since we are already married) he is talking about how he really thinks they’re going to show up and he can’t believe strippers are coming to our wedding. Like he talked about almost nothing else, not the greatest vibe for a bride on her wedding day who is expecting to be her husband’s main focus, but I didn’t bother me much at the time because I assumed he was just excited and maybe a little high on Vegas. Wedding time roles around and Stella actually shows! She’s gorgeous and sweet, and we decide we might visit her at the club later that night since I missed out the night before and was a little bummed. We part ways and head out to take our wedding portraits. And my husband is still talking about Stella, but now it’s about what club she will be at and when later that evening. At one point he even referred to her as his Vegas girlfriend to our friends, which made me uneasy but I laughed it off as a joke and again figured he was high on Vegas. We head to dinner and husband is sucked into his phone, barely speaking to me and still managing to rush me to meet up with our friends to go see Stella. We meet up with our friends, bar hop for a bit, then head to Stella’s club with the expectation that we’ll stay for an hour because it late everyone is pretty beat. We get there, and after about 10 minutes Stella comes over to hang out. Steve wants to get a couples lap dance, I tell him I don’t want to but to go without me, I would prefer to sit back and tip the girls dancing on the pole, as I am very sober (couldn’t drink after partying too hard the day before) and at this point feeling a little awkward as my husband seems very into Stella. After several minutes of being talked into it by Stella and Steve, I uncomfortably agree and we head back. The dance starts and I’m that person that doesn’t know what to do with my hands and I’m waiting for it to end. Stella tries her best to make me feel at ease, joking and complimenting me, but it just makes me feel more awkward. Well, that and Steve asking me more than once why I’m being awkward. After several minutes I leave before the dance is over but tell them to finish and they do. Several minutes later, they come back to the group, Stella perches on my chair and tells me that Steve told her we wanted to have a threesome, then she apologetically told me doesn’t do that with customers. I’m mortified for several reasons. 1. Because he crossed that professional line and it was disrespectful, especially because he knows she has a boyfriend. 2. He made it sound like I was in on it. 3. Arguably the most important, this man asked someone to have a threesome without discussing it with me. At all. On our wedding night.
At this point we’ve been here about an hour, and our friend group decided to leave. All of us. Except my husband. He opted to stay at the strip club alone, with the girl who just shot him down for a threesome, while all of his friends and his wife went back to the hotel. To be fair, he did ask me if it was ok and I said it was, because at this point I don’t have it in me to explain to this man all the ways he has disrespected me. He gets home an hour or two later and asks me if I’m mad and I unleash on him, but I don’t get far before before he cuts me off by continuously saying “I’m sorry, I’m an asshole” until I stop even trying to talk about it. We go to bed and in the morning he tells me he apologized to Stella and deleted her contact info. We leave for our 5 day honeymoon and don’t discuss it again, except for once when he informs me that Stella appreciated the apology but said it wasn’t necessary and that she wants us to come see her next time we’re in Vegas. Great. I spent our honeymoon either stoned (not a healthy crutch, I know, but it was the only thing that made it bearable) which allowed me to occasionally forget the incident, or silently fuming, wondering if I was overreacting, afraid to go off if this wasn’t actually as big of a deal as I thought it was, because he obviously didn’t think it was. He asked me multiple times if I was ok, every time I gave a halfhearted “Fine.”
We returned home and I told my best friend the story, because I needed talk to someone about it, and I needed her to tell me if all of the concerns were in my head and I was overreacting. She confirmed that my concerns were valid, I was not overreacting. That night I confronted my husband and actually got to speak. When I finished he apologized, he said he thought a threesome was what I wanted because I was excited when he brought it up earlier that day (no I wasn’t). He said he knew he fucked up but didn’t bring it up sooner because he thought I wanted to wait until after vacation to discuss it. Right, why wouldn’t I want this to hang over our vacation like a rain cloud instead of working through it?
What should I do? I thought this man was my future, we have dogs together and were discussing kids, I don’t want to give up on it so easily, but I don’t know if I can get past this. It’s not just what he did in Vegas, it’s how he behaved afterwards.
Update (10/24/2021)
Update: My (28F) husband (32M) invited a stripper to have a threesome without discussing it with me. On our wedding night. Where do I go from here?
Update: As harsh as some of you were, you were not wrong. I should have stood up for myself long before we got to the point of him soliciting a threesome. Here’s a few things about me that may make it more understandable: 1. I have long been aware that I have boundary issues in all areas of my life, and that it is something I need to work on. Trust me, this was definitely the push I needed to get the ball rolling and actually seek help. 2. I am also awful at confrontation, and again, I am well aware that I need to work on it. 3. I have experienced trauma in my life, and had been experiencing some serious mental health and self esteem issues even before this happened. 4. When I get upset, I shut down. Completely. Again, I am aware this is not a healthy response and will be working on it but that is where I am currently. 5. Despite my trauma, I am a naturally trusting person, I am going to trust you completely until you give me a reason not to, and as hard as it may be to believe, my husband had not given me a reason not to trust him before this point. 6. I don’t believe in explaining to people who claim to love me how to treat me well and not disrespect me. If you know and love me, you should know how to act like it. Obviously for minor issues, they may not know, but I’m sorry, this one seems like a no brained. 7. Consent 101, is anything other than an enthusiastic yes (it can be nonverbal but should be an obvious yes) actually consent? Is asking someone to do something after they say no and until they say yes actually consent?
Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this post and reply with love, tough love, and even disdain, you’ve given me a lot to think about and process in therapy. Yes, I have entered therapy. I have also insisted my husband enter therapy if he wants any chance for this marriage to work. At some point after working on ourselves, if it makes sense we will come together to work on our relationship to see if it is salvageable. This is why I have asked Reddit, instead of people in our lives for advice. I have told only my best friend the dirty details of what happened and plan to keep it that way because I know that once people hear something like this it changes how you look at a relationship and if we are going to make it work, this incident is better off not shouted from the rooftops. I have not ended our marriage yet, for a few reasons. 1. This was not entirely my husbands fault, he can take a majority of the blame, but not all. 2. If I do not at least try, I will always wonder “What if?” 3. Something caused him to act this way, maybe if was his attraction to another woman, maybe it was a concern he had about me, himself, or our relationship, that manifested in an ugly way. I would like to know where this came from, and if it is likely to happen again before making any permanent decisions. 4. Something in me thought that all of the disrespect leading up to the pitch of the threesome was acceptable and I need to investigate why that is to have any hope of having successful relationship moving forward.
For the record though, threesomes and children are off the table until further notice. Threesomes will not be discussed again until I decide it is time. Children will not be discussed until it is deemed we are at a healthy place by a professional, if ever.
Original post: https://www.reddit.com/relationship_advice/comments/qcrbkf/my_28f_husband_32m_invited_a_stripper_to_have_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb
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2021.10.24 20:55 bout_that_action NY Times Wildly Inflates COVID Numbers For Children (ft. Max Blumenthal)

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2021.10.24 20:55 Anix89 Trust Factor

So until this day Ive had a green trust factor I was playing with friends , faceit etc. until this day. I have 800€ inventory and all of the sudden ive experienced red trust factor. I dont mind being there but last time all people that had red trust got vacced. I didnt grief or cheat or whatever. Can i get banned by red trust factor because I have really expensive inventory and a lot of medals. Can anyone help ? I think that when I launch faceit it allows third party softwares and I forgot to put it back to trusted which causes the red trust. I put it back as soon as possible. I take every advice
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2021.10.24 20:55 StinkBoyJones69 New to the game. What do I use "Superstar Origins Collectibles" for?

Title. Have a ton of these things and don't know what do with them?
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2021.10.24 20:55 FakMiPls Any recommendations on a volvo mechanic?

Looking for some alternate options for a volvo mechanic instead of going through the volvo service center on university for my v70r.
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2021.10.24 20:55 InternAccomplished93 Let The Fomo Begin🚀🤑Floki Fomo🐕‍🦺 just launched 🚀and embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the DeFi World!

Let The Fomo Begin🚀🤑Floki Fomo🐕‍🦺 just launched 🚀and embarking on a marketing journey across all major social media platforms to build the largest community in all of DeFi! Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Lets Get this!
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Our Tokenomics will feature the following:
Self-Sustaining Liquidity generation:- All Floki Fomo transactions will contribute 7% to Liquidity ensuring price stability, sustainability, and security to all traders. This contribution ensures that Floki Fomo is sustainable and scales as the community grows. Asset holders can also provide additional liquidity and earn interest as our market cap grows.
Decentralization:- Contract Ownership was renounced at launch, as a result no individual or entity has ownership of the contract, adding security and fairness for our community and making our token decentralized. The Smart-Contract was tested rigorously using the test-net prior to launch to ensure security, efficiency and scalability.
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Join the Floki Fomo Fam on our journey to the Moon! Floki Fomo will be the next sensation in the Crypto and DeFi world! Let The Fomo Begin🚀
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2021.10.24 20:55 therealgariac UK RRR6343 C-17 to Nellis 10/24/2021

RRR6343 UK C-17 to Nellis https://i.imgur.com/zb5yWLU.png
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2021.10.24 20:55 hyperr129 Best pottery studio in the area?

I’m moving to the area and would love to have a membership at a local studio to use the wheels/glazes/kilns. Any ideas?
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