How do I find the weight of compressed oxygen at 3300 psig in a cylinder tank.

Cylinder supply source is a cylindrical-shaped tank that is color-coded and pin-indexed or Compressed Gas Association (CGA) valve-specific and used to contain a specified medical gas. It supplies compressed gas to the anesthesia machine if a pipeline supply source is not available or if the pipeline fails. Oxygen is an element displayed by the symbol O, and atomic number 8. It is an essential element for human survival. Decreased oxygen levels may be treated with medical oxygen therapy. Treatment with oxygen serves to increase blood oxygen levels and also exerts a secondary effect of decreasing blood flow resistance in the diseased lung, leading to decreased cardiovascular workload in an attempt ... is a platform for academics to share research papers. 166. The air in an automobile tire with a volume of 0.53 ft 3 is at 90°F and 20 psig. Determine the amount of air that must be added to raise the pressure to the recommended value of 30 psig. Assume the atmospheric pressure to be 14.7 psia and the temperature and the volume to remain constant. A. 0.026 lb. B. 0.046 lb Scfh to psi calculator Gas is enclosed in a cylinder with a weighted piston as the stop boundary. The gas is heated and expands from a volume of 0.04 m^3 to 0.10 m^3 at a constant pressure of 200kPa.Calculate the work done by the system. A sample of gas at P = 1123 Pa, V = 1.41 L, and T = 291 K is confined in a cylinder a) Find the new pressure if the volume is reduced to half of the original volume at the same temperature. b) If t... 3-2-16 [pump-5kgs] Water flows through an adiabatic pumping system at a steady flow rate of 5 kg/s. The conditions at the inlet are p = 90 kPa, T = 15 o C and z=0 m, and the conditions at the exit are p = 500 kPa, T = 17 o C and z=200 m. (a) Simplify the energy equation to derive an expression for the pumping power. UN Portable Tank Table for Liquefied Compressed Gases and Chemical Under Pressure. § 173.314: Compressed gases in tank cars and multi-unit tank cars. § 173.315: Compressed gases in cargo tanks and portable tanks. § 173.316: Cryogenic liquids in cylinders. § 173.318: Cryogenic liquids in cargo tanks. § 173.319: Cryogenic liquids in tank ... Psi to lpm

2021.12.09 03:16 Dentlok How do I find the weight of compressed oxygen at 3300 psig in a cylinder tank.

I have a GOX (gaseous oxygen) storage tank and want to know how much the oxygen inside the tank weights it is completely filled and is compressed at 3300psig at 160 degrees F. The volume of the tank is 532 ft^3 or in other words it has a radius of 26.5" and a length of 36' 8".
Thank you in advance for the help.
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2021.12.09 03:16 PerformanceMoist1062 Luni

This platform is doing a great job, so in coming days they will give us some extraordinary opportunity that we can't imagine. #LUNI #BTC #CRYPTO
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2021.12.09 03:15 ConsistentFreedom414 My Artwork gun camos

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2021.12.09 03:15 HeroOfAstera jokes on you, i use 7Zip

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2021.12.09 03:15 ArchetypalDesign I Made a Moxon....Table?

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2021.12.09 03:15 AzraelTheCat Mega Steelix, add 1838 9722 8718 or 3549 0711 3694, adding 5 each only

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2021.12.09 03:15 LucidFir Ford freestyle interior lights randomly come on.

Hit a bump, use full beam, etc. It's not that common but after my interior lights were engaged by my full beam I thought I might need to ask about it.
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2021.12.09 03:15 OctTobyFez I think I got the wrong Halo

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2021.12.09 03:15 Tricky_hunter470 "I REJECT MY ELVENITY!!"

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2021.12.09 03:15 Lifedeath999 Saddest thing in deltarune

I was wondering what other people thought was the saddest thing so far. In my opinion, the thing that hit me the hardest was spamton neo’s mercy Defeat. That one hit me really hard.
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2021.12.09 03:15 Fiercefungi Some made a mistake 😂😂

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2021.12.09 03:15 nicbentulan what is 'talent' as opposed to 'greatness' in the olympics? eg the difference between MTOAT (most talented of all time) and GOAT (greatest of all time)?

Motivation: In chess, talent means a specific thing based on a usage by bobby fischer. Bobby Fischer's opinion is that chess relies too much on opening theory and thus invented the variant 9LX that is basically the same as regular chess but without relying on opening theory. For Fischer, talent is how great you are at chess adjusted for opening theory (see 5:55 to 7:05; more here and here [including commentary from SGM Hikaru Nakamura who also makes comparisons to sports in general]), and 9LX is an attempt to measure chess talent. In this way, the Xth greatest player currently (or, resp, of all time) is not necessarily the same as the Xth most talented player currently (or, resp, of all time).

Now for the point: This is why I'm surprised to see this MTOAT vs GOAT distinction (or in general greatness vs talent) used outside chess, particularly in the olympics.
From a comment on reddit on article on Simone Biles (Olympic champ Biles withdraws from all-around):
She might be the MTOAT (most talented of all time) but her GOAT legacy is definitely affected by her quitting.
Question: So for the olympics (or perhaps physical sports/sports/esports/gaming in general), MTOAT or most talented currently means greatness...adjusting for something? If so, then what? If not, then what does talent mean as opposed to greatness?
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2021.12.09 03:15 replaytheparadox Moving a bit of furniture across the border, do I need to be a resident?

I’m moving some furniture soon across the border as I’m moving to TJ for a bit.
If the items I have are under $300 value do I still need to go through the declaration lane? I have receipts for everything. They’ll all be multiple trips too, as our truck only fits one item at a time
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2021.12.09 03:15 nickiben Warner Bros confirmed that Priyanka Chopra is going to play the role of Sati in the Matrix Resurrection Movie which is going to be released on 22.12.21

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2021.12.09 03:15 dead_amgio2 Butthurt from a neverending air force

Can we get a delay between helicopter respawns on break through for the assaulting team. They already have a neverending supply of tanks and boltes but to constantly have five aircraft up in the air is just too much to try and defend against. At least on breakaway.
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2021.12.09 03:15 premyslvaculik Ohebný OPPO Find N se představí za týden [aktualizováno]

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2021.12.09 03:15 themysteriousman0990 The hermit (oc)

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2021.12.09 03:15 EDDGEx Ryzen 7/ 3080 build

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2021.12.09 03:15 Sylrix__ Considering getting off everything except zyprexa

I’m taking Wellbutrin, klonopin and zyprexa.
I want something like klonopin but more short acting so I can quickly fall asleep/get quickest anxiety relief. I don’t want to keep taking the wellburtin or klonopin consistently because I’ve noticed more progress with the zyprexa in just a week or so then I’ve had with wellburtin and klonopin together.
Another issue is that I have untreated ADD and I want to get that managed bcz now as an adult it’s starting to affect my work and personal life. I’ve never told my doctors I have ADD as I was diagnosed in a different state at age 7 and my mother wouldn’t allow treatment because she thought the medicine made me act different so I never thought about it or brought it up again.
Would it be okay if I told my doctor I wanted to overhaul my treatment to a shorter acting benzo, drop the antidepressant, keep the zyprexa and maybe add in something for ADD after they do their proper test? I don’t want to stress anyone out but I feel like zyprexa helped regulate everything while the other pills didn’t do much, and something to help keep me focused would be amazing rn
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2021.12.09 03:15 familiarstranger2 Woof_irl

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2021.12.09 03:15 b18turboef The Swiss army knife of thumb drives? Need advice.

I think I'm looking for a device that doesn't exist, but hopefully I'm proven wrong. For the perfect solution I'm pretty open budget wise.
I hoard plenty of data, but in my real life I'm a busy IT provider, low voltage contractor, fixer of anything technical. A day can be quite varied. I obviously carry around lots of tools, all the way up to a large enclosed trailer, but try to not bring everything everywhere.
I suppose in a perfect world I'm looking for a "thumb drive" that I can throw on a keychain that can

Now I understand this is likely asking a lot. Generally I imagine I'll be carrying multiple drives, but I'm hoping to find a way to make this a "Swiss Army knife" of thumb drives so I never leave home without it. I have a 1TB SanDisk Extreme portable SSD among many other drives like a SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go that has both the USB-A and C. I know I'm complaining of first world problems here, but the portable SSD is just bigger than I want to carry everywhere and I'm not even sure the rest of it is realistic.
I can always upload bit data sets to my Unraid server, but the rest would sure be nice to figure out. I could probably live without two bootable partitions as well. Does anything seem like a good fit?
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2021.12.09 03:15 Anonymous308 Im honestly not sure if im the jerk, or if it was them. . .

When we met, you said you couldnt make this months rent and were selling your belongings... i bought those with the intent of purchasing them. I cared little about you or your situation at the time. But fate would have it, i paided your rent with what i bought. You contacted me to get info to send the items too. And we happened to kick it off. Before i knew it we were up until 4 AM talking. You told me about your pets, and i smiled and listened. Seeing how passionate you were about your animals.
Time went by, and we eventually met. Me giving you back the things i bought as a gift in a way. You kept your home, and your items. And gained a friend. Thats all i wanted in the beginning. To be your friend. Fate would have it though that i came to love had plenty of flaws. But i loved you past them. Those flaws are what made you. Without those flaws youdve been someone else. You wouldnt have actted the same way, having been raised differently. You had multiple personalities. And each one ended up saying how they loved me. How you and all of them held me that night. How you begged for me to never go back home and just stay with you. I couldnt do that, lest not that night. So we made plans to move in together. But you had no job. It was me paying your rent. Your food. Your bills. Your gas. I even got presents for you and your pets. Trying to be sweet.
I saw the damage others had done to you. I saw the self doubt, the regret, the stored anger. And i understood it. I saw the lost longings and temptations, and saw no reason to tie you down so quickly. You wanted to make an onlyfans, i supported you for it. You wanted to stream, i gave you tips from several of my friends who had made it. You wanted to uber more and rover, i said hell yeah. Because i saw how much life and energy you had.
I still remember our first “date”. When you showed me off to your best friend and told her i might be the one. You told all your friends. Everyone knew about me...that should have been the first red flag. They knew about me but you never introduced me that way. You asked me to keep quiet when we met your ex. Red flag 2. One of your own funnest friends you had me met trued to challenge me with everything i did. Id buy you dinner, hed try to get breakfast. Id offer you a hug, he would too. The day you told me he kissed you the night before you took my first kiss, thats when i should have ended it. You didnt try to stop him. You kept it quiet for over a week. That night he took that kiss, was the same night you left 2 scars on me from having a break down. And you know who was the first out the door when you began to run? Who was the first to tackle you when you tried t jump from the cliff into the river behind your house? Who was prepaired and knew what to do till YOU came back and the evil one went away? It wasnt him. It wasnt your last crush. Nor your ex. It was me. Who had protected you all this time. Who kept you from having to put your pets up for adoption. From moving back in with your abusive parents. You bit me that night. Said awful things. Im still not sure which you it was. Or if you meant it. I can tell you it worked though. I have insecurities stronger than ever. I have doubt in things i didnt before. I have phobias that i didnt even know about before meeting you.
I stayed for months after that event. Marking it as someone else. But everything i saw that fragile you looked when you put your phsyci on display for me... i told you i was manipulative. I told you i was a lair. I said i did things for only self gain.
All of it was so you wouldnt blame yourself. I gave you a scape goat. And youll never know it. You used that scape goat exactly as it was meant. You blame me. Call me a lair for i swore to be with you forever. Sadly youll never know i meant it. Youll never see that i would have. Even if you had second thoughts about dating. But you did something i never expected. When you realized you didnt love me anymore you chose to use actions instead of words. I expected us to sit down and talk about it. I expected you to care enough about me to hold me while i sobbed. I would have been fine the next week and we could be friends and you could move on like i expected you would.
What you really did, was belittle me. Making me feel like shit over talent i had that you didn’t. Flirting with other guys right infront of me. Saying you were going to hang yourself then blocking me on everything so i wouldnt be sure. The number of times i was about to call the cops, for you to send me a message calling me a prick. Letting me know you were fine but in a rude way.
And that wasnt even the worse. The last night i spent with you, i woke up to you flirting online in video call with some guy in another country. And our “i dont love you anymore talk” was you saying “i thought you picked up on that from how i was acting”. Because im suppose to just understand that from someone who has 3 different people living in her head and i should just fucking know that!
You ruined us. You drove me off. You made me a lair about being with you forever. And youll never admit it. Youll never know. Nope. Even 4 months later, you blame me.
Ironic, if it wasnt for me leaving, you wouldnt have told your friends. If it wasnt for me, your friends had no clue about your mental state. They wouldnt have called the cops when you stopped replying. Then you wouldnt have been brought to the mental hospital and have met the love of your life.
Fucking sad how much you hate me, but had it not been for me, your life would be NOTHING like it is now.
While you sleep with him in the bed i bought, while you wear the cloths i left because i was too damaged to be able to drive back to get them. While you wake up and feed the pets you were able to keep because i provided for you during your time of most need...i was crying in bed. Battling to find a will to live. I gave my everything to you. And you broke it. Now i deal with bodydismophia. Depression. Bad thoughts. I break down 2 times a day at lest. And i have night terrors about you. Sleep paralysis. And your last words to me were about how much you hate me for lying. Yet i bite my tongue and keep my hatred inside because itll do you no good. You will never know the damage you did to me while you feel free to tell me the hurt i caused you.
Funny... i really never cared about the 10k’ish i spent on you (gifts not included). Not till you started telling me what an ass hole i was. I never wanted to be so self absorbed until i realized how none of your other friends stepped up. Yet you attack me. Even after you told me how you had fun with another person while i slept on the other side of that call.
Youre a monster. And im glad your new BF is from the mental clinic, hell be formiliar with the process when you send him back there.
And as a last little F you. I never have nor will use your name. Ill never expose you or all of your private things, nor will i ever seek revenge. I simply vent online and to those i hold close to me about what happened between us. For as mad as you make me, and as much as you hurt me. I still will never go out of my way to hurt your life.
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2021.12.09 03:15 Amerenthiran Keep Your Eyes Open. Available right now on OpenSea for only 0.0057ETH (link below)

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2021.12.09 03:15 Something-ology What's something you can say during sex but also at a BBQ?

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2021.12.09 03:15 Pandrewbear92 Irish open ticket question

Does anyone know if the "Season Pass" tickets give you 5 days of access? It's 140 beans so makes sense. I tried to email them but I can't find the address.
Thanks if anyone knows.
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