American traveling from UK to Paris

Traveling or travelling depends on where is your audience. Traveling is the preferred spelling in the U.S. Travelling is the preferred spelling in the UK or in the Commonwealth. This American-British spelling difference carries for other forms: traveled or travelled and traveler or traveller. Traveling with children and infants. You may be required to present proof of age (such as a birth certificate) for any children under the age of 18. Families with children under 2 years old can ask to board early at the gate. Only 1 carry-on diaper bag per child is allowed. Families traveling On June 15, 1920, three African-American circus workers, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie, suspects in an assault case, were taken from the jail and lynched by a white mob of thousands in Duluth, Minnesota.Rumors had circulated that six African Americans had raped and robbed a nineteen-year-old white woman. A physician who examined her found no physical evidence of rape. Slovenia: Open to vaccinated American visitors. A COVID-19 test is no longer needed. Switzerland: Open to fully vaccinated U.S. Americans as long as they do not come from an Emergency Break Country or Region. United Kingdom: it’s open to American travelers. Pre-departure and post-arrival testing required. Ovira transmits small pulses which overload the nerves and stop the pain signals from traveling to the brain. No signals, no pain. Period. We're here to give your period an unexpectedly happy ending. American candy. Real American sweets, fresh out of the candy factory! We carry the one of the largest selections of American candy out there: Twizzlers, marshmallows, gummies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, fizzy candy, candy corn, caramels, candy canes, lollipops, bubble gum, licorice, pizza-flavored cotton candy, booger-flavored Harry Potter Bean Boozled jelly beans, Pikachu candies, and even ... Aside from sharing English as a predominant language, England and the US have more cultural differences than author Jennifer Still expected before she packed her bags and moved across the pond. Children traveling alone. We want your child to have a safe and positive trip. For safety, we require children age 5 – 14 traveling alone to use our unaccompanied minor service. This service is optional for children age 15 – 17, but the service fee still applies.

2022.01.25 16:44 Repulsive-Tension-29 American traveling from UK to Paris

Hi all, i will be in the UK in 2 weeks and hoping to do a 2 day trip to Paris by train (feb 10-12). I am double vaccinated (no booster). Would I need to test before going on the train? Also for the vaccine pass, am i eligible as having just 2 shots? Is my vaccine card eligible enough to get into restaurants? Wondering if it is even worth the hassle for 2 days. Would love any insight!
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2022.01.25 16:44 National_Wealth906 Splash&Go ep.24| TMT To Run 500|Is Dale Jr Deserve To Be A First Ballot Hall Of Famer

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2022.01.25 16:44 Bernard_Hunor_Deak Saigon 1968

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2022.01.25 16:44 Kingthlouis Clearlag removing Minecarts even toggled off

So, I thought i fixed this problem before, because it took me a while to notice, but for the most part it was working, until i had to fix the iron farm, and it was fixed, i then afk'd and the zombie got out of the cart again, and idk how and now my villagers are dead except one who is now a zombie.
honestly at this point does anyone know a good alternative to clearlagg, seems to have be causing more problems than the ones it fixes.
he did get out before but that was when it was set to true, this happened way after i put it back to false

#Auto-removal options
# -- warnings works like this; time = the time warning should be given, msg = warning message at that time
# -- NOTE: The below 'remove' section applies to this remover!
# -- NOTE: Putting the interval to low will cause issues!
# -- NOTE: To disable "warnings", set it to "warnings: []"
# -- NOTE: bukkit.broadcast.user permission will allow users to see broadcasts (If not enabled by default)
# !==[ All string values MUST be inside '']==!
# -- 'remove-entities' lists what entities should be REMOVED on removal
# -- 'warnings' list warnings to be given out at specified times
# -- 'item-filter' What ground-items should NOT be removed during removal
# -- 'remove-entities' What entities SHOULD be removed during removal
enabled: true
broadcast-message: '&6[ClearLag] &aRemoved +RemoveAmount Entities!'
broadcast-removal: true
autoremoval-interval: 900
# - this_world <-This world will be ignored during removal!
boat: false
falling-block: true
experience-orb: false
painting: false
projectile: false
item: true
itemframe: false
minecart: false
primed-tnt: false
# - Stone <-This item-id will be ignored during removal!
# - Grass
- Arrow onGround
- Snowball
- Egg
- Fireball
- Boat !isMounted
- Minecart !isMounted
# - cow <- This mob-type will be REMOVED during removal!
# - Pig liveTime=100 <- This mob will be REMOVED if it's been alive for 100 ticks (5 seconds)
# - Minecart !isMounted <- This entity will be REMOVED if it's NOT mounted
# - Wolf !hasName <- This entity will be REMOVED if it doesn't have a name
- 'time:840 msg:&4[ClearLag] &cWarning Ground items will be removed in &7+remaining &cseconds!'
- 'time:880 msg:&4[ClearLag] &cWarning Ground items will be removed in &7+remaining &cseconds!'

#What should be removed during /lagg clear, nearly the same thing as auto-removal
# - this_world <-This world will be ignored during removal!
broadcast-removal: false
boat: false
falling-block: true
experience-orb: true
painting: false
projectile: true
item: true
itemframe: false
minecart: false
primed-tnt: true
# - Stone <-This item-id will be ignored during removal!
# - Grass
# - cow <- This mob-type will be REMOVED during removal!
# - Pig liveTime=100 <- This mob will be REMOVED if it's been alive for 100 ticks (5 seconds)
# - Minecart !isMounted <- This entity will be REMOVED if it's NOT mounted
# - Wolf !hasName <- This entity will be REMOVED if it doesn't have a name

#Very very old, but still works. Just specifies a global entity limit. I'd recommend 'custom-trigger-removal' instead
# -- 'max' max entities allowed before the entity removal is activated
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2022.01.25 16:44 NewsElfForEnterprise These structures collapsed―with horrifying results

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2022.01.25 16:44 adphronesis86 Audio decoder output?

How do I see what is the final decoded output format from whatever device? My Focusrite 4i4 shows me sample rate and bit depth with ASIO, I trust that. But what about for example VLC (in Windows, Linux, Android...), I can of course see what sort of file is being "fed" to player, but what it actually decodes out? This may be stupidly simple question, but I find it hard to believe that if we as end users cannot see with perhaps some auxiliary app the decoded output that is playing?
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2022.01.25 16:44 unlinedondabs If one is oppressed and has the opportunity to find freedom, be careful your freedom does not take shape in image of your oppressor.

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2022.01.25 16:44 MultiCallum I finished Pokémon Legends: Arceus today. My (spoiler-free) thoughts + AMA (no spoilers but putting spoiler tag anyway in-case someone considers *any info* a spoiler)

Hey all, I hope you're all well and excited for Legends Arceus this weekend!
I'll get a couple things out the way first.
- I'm not playing on an emulator (I think my PC would explode if I tried to emulate such a modern console) or anything like that. Support developers and purchase your games!
- There are no spoilers here on any unanounced mons or story stuff. I will be talking about things that have been shown in trailers, and I will also be talking about changes to mechanics, so if you consider that a spoiler, skip the mechanics section.
Now onto my non-spoilery thoughts:
Mechanics So as you'll know from trailers, they have changed up some of the mechanics in battling. Of course there's Strong Style that will increase the power and accuracy of a move but potentially sacrifice a turn, and there's Agile Style which will decrease the power (and sometimes) accuracy of a move but potentially increase your speed and give you an extra turn before the opponent has theirs. You can also choose to attack regularly, of course.
Some changes to status, too. For example, they no longer persist outside of battle; once the battle ends, statuses are cleared. Some statuses such as Sleep have been drastically changed too, but I don't want this post to just be a list of changes so I'll leave that there. I'm a big fan of these changes personally, they add a new layer to strategy and really makes you think not only about which moves to use, but how you want to use said move. This game does not feature PvP multiplayer though so there's nothing to worry about right now for you competitive players.
"Open World" Big fan of this. The "Breath of the Wild" comparisons are very deliberate on Game Freak's part I believe, not only from a visual design standpoint (BOTW looks much, much better, but it's hard to deny that PLA is trying to replicate it's visual design), but also from an audio design standpoint. The simple piano tunes and chimes are (much like BOTW) the same classic tunes but much more simplistic. It's very nice.
Now of course as we all know by now, it's not one huge open world, it's a Monster Hunter-style map with 5 different open areas. I actually don't mind this detail, once you're deep in the game it barely matters, it's still one map, there's just a loading screen between areas, which let's face it, you have in open world games too because we end up Fast Travelling most of the time.
However my big issue is that you need to go back to Jubilife Village every single time you want to go from one area to the other. You get used to it, but it's certainly tedious. Besides that, the world feels rich enough with Pokémon to not feel barren (due to the existence of wild Pokémon, it actually feels way less barren that BOTW), but not so populated that it feels like you can't move without being seen/attacked by a Pokémon. The areas feel distinct, fun to explore and have many nice nods to modern Sinnoh for existing Sinnoh fans.
Difficulty Easily the most difficult Pokémon game in a while, in all the best ways. Wild Pokémon are bizarrely tough a lot of the time, even regular (non-aplha) ones. On the subject of Alpha Pokémon, I like the concept. Extra strong Pokémon that (in the early game) are hard to defeat and harder to catch. Also a nicer way to fill the Dex if you don't want to worry about evolution methods, as many Alpha Pokémon are evolved forms.
The Noble Pokémon (such as Kleavor, the only announced one I think) feature a fun new type of boss battle, and by giving you as the trainer the ability to move and dodge both in these boss battles and in ANY battle, it really adds to the feeling that Pokémon are these big scary creatures that are actually quite dangerous.
The two final battles (post-game), one with a trainer, one with a Pokémon, are brutally hard if you don't grind for a bit. I lost many times during both of them. For the final trainer battle, I had to go away and grind for a good few hours before I finally bested them. It felt very rewarding when I finally won.
Story No spoilers of course so I'll keep this brief. I really enjoyed the story, in many ways, it provides the things we were looking for when we imagined a "home console Sinnoh remake", and then some! Worth noting that the best story stuff actually occurs after the credits, so don't stop playing when the credits roll! The best is yet to come! I am honestly giddy at the thought of more Pokémon Legends games.
Legendaries/Mythicals Again no spoilers on the specific Pokémon or anything like that, but let it be known that Legendaries and (in particular) Mythicals are finally given the treatment they deserve. They all have their own quests which, while short, are fun, engaging and memorable.
Post-Game As noted earlier, there is actually a solid chunk of story stuff post-game. Sort of in the same way as Sword and Shield with the Zacian/Zamazenta, Swordward/Shieldbert stuff. Besides that, as with every Pokémon game, you can complete the Pokédex, which is finally doable on just 1 copy of the game! And nets you a VERY worthwhile award/quest, unlike any previous Pokémon game. Besides this, there are many side-quests, but little in the way of more battles. Personally I'm okay with this though, as competitive is staying in Sword and Sheild.
Graphics I'll keep this short. Yes the game looks visually bad. Some areas looks kind of nice (particularly at certain times of day), some look inexplicably atrocious (inside caves) and most areas are just alright. Personally (with the exception of caves), this didn't bother me after the first couple of hours, and the gameplay is great fun, which is more important.
Shinies This game is great for Shiny Pokémon, they appear in the overworld and a little audio jingle plays when they spawn, making it hard to not-notice them. They will feel much more common (I've had 6 in my 55 hour playthrough) than previous games but I do not believe the chances have gotten any better, it's more than due to the overworld nature of the game, you simply encounter so many Pokémon that you are by nature more likely to encounter a shiny.
Overall I could not put this game down. It's barely 3 days since I started and I've played 55 hours and blasted through it, and I'm still pumped to dive back in and explore the many untouched side quests. I was very sceptical for a while, particularly after BDSP which was... fine. But I adored this game, I think it's exactly what Pokémon needed, and it really is the game we all hoped it would be when it was announced only 11 months ago!
Now, AMA! I will not discuss spoilers, and I will not disclose the distributor who sent me the game early. But anything regarding the game in a non-spoilery way, ask away!
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2022.01.25 16:44 DankNowitzki41 Regice Now 5434 2601 3536

5434 2601 3536
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2022.01.25 16:44 barelyseventeen what were you doing during 9/11? (thread)

just curious as to what people in brazil were doing before and during the 9/11 attacks on the united states. heard about an interesting mandela effect regarding to this.
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2022.01.25 16:44 DoctorCachondo46 The more you know

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2022.01.25 16:44 throwawaySF86 Secret Timeline

Timeline: - e-QIP submitted on 9/30/2021 - Interview in early October - Follow-ups in November - Secret granted in January
Challenges: - Experimental MJ usage in college (3+ years back) - Recent felony arrest (within 1yr), charge was unfounded and dismissed
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2022.01.25 16:44 NutMasterDylan Among Us with Friends, but it's 2022
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2022.01.25 16:44 Fucking-Tired Holy shit- tonight’s episode was actually kind of good?

No cheesiness, and a few genuinely kind of funny moments. Ryan and Mackenzie bonding and being buds? 👌 Chas actually being nice (or, at least, nicer than she has been for over a year)? 👌 Charity and Mackenzie scenes? 👌 Belle actually having some sass? 👌
Interested to see what the police were doing at the BnB, though. I just hope Manpreet hasn’t made some shit up bc she feels guilty about Liv.
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2022.01.25 16:44 Cheetahtoo Three healthy foods that help you lose weight and maintain a healthy digestive system, heart and eyes.

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2022.01.25 16:44 ThrowRA061299 Gamepad triggers won't function properly after the latest patch

I am playing on MacOS with an XBOX gamepad and everything was fine before the patch. Now I cannot use my abilities without literally spamming the triggers a bunch of times as it won't register at first press. Triggers work fine in any other game so the issue is not related to my controller.
I have deleted and installed the game again, tried launching it with the big picture mode but still, the issue remains.
Does anyone know how to fix it?
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2022.01.25 16:44 plhooenx sometimes it just gets too disturbing to be true.

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2022.01.25 16:44 Accomplished_Set_662 If you applied to Camino Del Sol which floor plan did you apply for?

reposted bc i forgot to add a floor plan!
View Poll
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2022.01.25 16:44 Lovania_Gengar Mono ground attempt 1 was rough

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2022.01.25 16:44 Paul-italia Italia ArmWrestling Promotions Making BIG Moves 🤠🇮🇹

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2022.01.25 16:44 ColourPatterns "Roma" giveaway, follw the rules in the comment.
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2022.01.25 16:44 Justhavocman Κακοκαιρία Ελπίδα: Ο κόκκινος συναγερμός που αγνόησε η κυβέρνηση

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2022.01.25 16:44 thats_taken_also Is it possible to brighten my face/body and not hurt the picture quality?
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2022.01.25 16:44 assagitaz CKS - Habitat Disturbance [Postdynamic]

Publisher: Postdynamic
Out Date: 2021-12-31
Quality: MP3 15.92 Mb / AIFF 69.94 Mb
Genre: Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
CKS - Habitat Disturbance / (Key Em, BPM 128, Length 6:36)​
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2022.01.25 16:44 lss_bvt_ios_05 LssTest-TextPost-54905

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